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TUF 16 Finale Bonuses: Pat Barry earns Knockout of the Night for decimation of Shane Del Rosario

Elliott v PapazianUFC heavyweight Pat Barry may not have the most respectable record and has never strung together back-to-back wins inside the Octagon. However, he has remained one of the organization’s most popular competitors for the past few years thanks to his blend of personality and powerful striking.

Both characteristics were on display at the Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale when Barry broke opponent Shane Del Rosario in two and then broke down emotionally on the microphone after the victory, calling for a little more love in the world after Friday’s tragic events in Connecticut. Barry’s win came in the second round of his match-up with Del Rosario after catching him with some stiff shots including one blow so vicious “HD” walked away based on his correct assumption that the fight was over.

Barry’s performance netted him Knockout of the Night honors and an additional $40,000 on top of his regular salary.

Also announced at the post-event press conference, Submission of the Night and the attached cash were handed to T.J. Waldburger who rendered Nick Catone unconscious with a Triangle Choke, while the back-and-forth battle between flyweights Tim Elliott-Jared Papazian scored Fight of the Night with each man also getting an extra $40,000.


  • Dufresne says:

    Personally I had the slam as the KOotN, but I can’t really argue against Barry winning it here. Those shots were absolutely brutal and it’s not often you get a walk off KO. I agree completely on the other two awards. This was a hell of a card.

  • MickeyC says:

    My vote would have been for the slam as well. I guess some could say that the ground shots finished him, but it looked like he was out as soon as his head hit.

  • MCM says:

    Finally got the chance to watch the DVR and all the fights this weekend…..Holy shit! What a great card.

    Glad to see Barry win as he’s so likeable, but bummed to see Shane lose again. I honestly thought he’d be breaking into top 10 or contender status by his second UFC fight, now it looks like he’s fighting for his job (if he hasn’t lost it already).

    I missed the SOTN and FOTN, and with the rest of the card being so freaking awesome, I’m gonna have to search them out.

    Can I just say, it’s good to see Big Country doing more than just winging overhand rights. He still needs to learn to circle away from punches instead of covering up and going straight back, but it’s good to see him mix up the striking.

    Really glad Dana stacked this card the way he did by only letting the finalists fight. Unless another TUF has a stand out cast (season 5), I think they should do all the TUF finales this way.


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