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Hector Lombard would rather lose tonight at UFC on FX 6 than go to another decision

Hector LombardMiddleweight Hector Lombard (31-3-1) entered the UFC with a ton of hype behind him after stringing together twenty wins in a row and dominating his division in Bellator. Adding to the expectations, Lombard had also finished 24 of the 31 opponent he’d beaten.

However, Lombard’s train was derailed in July when he made his debut and fell by way of a hard-fought decision to Tim Boetsch.

Tonight, Lombard has a chance to redeem himself when he faces Rousimar Palhares at UFC on FX 6. In the bout he expects to avoid the same mistakes he made against Boetsch and get back to the business of putting his foes away before scorecards come into play.

“I had a little bit of arrogance in me and I said I won’t lose no matter what. Even if things aren’t going well in training, I’ll be able to put Tim Boetsch away. And I paid for it. I paid for my arrogance and I had to realize that you can’t underestimate anyone,” said Lombard to the UFC website when asked about how his preparation for this evening’s effort in comparison to his bout with Boetsch.

Though Lombard isn’t approaching Palhares as lightly as he did Boetsch, he’s still completely confident in his ability to exit the Octagon with a victory in tow. In fact, he’s even willing to offer up a prediction, stating he expects to knock Palhares out at some point in the match-up. Of course, the Cuban judoka will also gladly take a submission as well as long as it means some sort of finish is involved.

“I’ll tell you one thing, if the fight goes to a decision again, I don’t want to win the fight, let’s put it that way. I would rather they strip the fight from me again if it goes to a decision,” admitted Lombard. “I’m expecting a KO in this fight and that’s what’s gonna happen.”

Fans can catch Lombard-Palhares tonight on FX at some point after the main card starts at 9:00 PM EST.


  • MCM says:

    This is the fight I’m most looking forward to on the card tonight. Probably cause I haven’t seen anything of TUF the Smashers. I did catch the weighins though, and that guy they call Freak Show is gonna need a steel reinforced mouth piece. I don’t want to imagine if he bit a dude like that guy on the US version.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    someone got bit on the US TUF? Tell me more…
    Colin Fletcher is legit, honestly even before i knew he was on the show i said he could easily walk into the UFC lower tier, especially in the UK/Euro shows. guy really has skills, d’arce chokes for days. i know some guys who train with him in Sunderland, the guy has legit chokes and submissions and his muay thai is improving constantly. he WILL win the final and he will be loved by many. I also hope he gets to fight George Soto next after Ross knocks his grandad arse out

    As for Hector, hands down worse performance of his 35 fight career last time, brother needs to just go for it, put Palhares away early and emphatically. Cant wait for those three fights

  • MCM says:

    @ hindsight
    One of the guys in the semifinals was stuck in a really tight guillotine while on the bottom and he sank his teeth into his opponent to try to get him to let go….it didn’t work. His mouth piece had fallen out a minute earlier and he could have said that it just was an accident but he fessed up immediately afterwards on camera and in person to Dana and admitted that he got desperate.
    It was actually one of the only two good fights of the season.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Lombard fucked her.


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