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Joe Lauzon offers insight on UFC on FOX 5 title-fight

Benson Henderson v Nate DiazUFC lightweight Joe Lauzon was one of the millions of people with eyes on the Octagon this past Saturday night when 155-pound champion Benson Henderson defended his belt against the always-game Nate Diaz at UFC on FOX 5. Of course, as a divisional peer who knows both men on a personal level, Lauzon took away a number of things from the tilt fans may not have considered.

Lauzon recently went on The Underground to share his thoughts on Henderson’s success against Diaz, as well as give takes on the evening’s other efforts, where he gave credit to “Bendo” for solving the riddle of the Diaz Brothers’ stand-up.

“I think Ben figured out how to deal with the current evolution of Nate and Nick Diaz. A healthy supply of leg kicks seems to deal with their unique boxing style for now,” wrote Lauzon. “Ben had a great game plan and stuck to it for 25 minutes and absolutely frustrated Nate.”

The 28-year old Lauzon also made it a point to mention his respect for the way Diaz handled himself after the defeat, peeling back his hardened exterior to give Henderson his due.

“I think the Diaz brothers get a bad rap sometimes for their attitude but that is usually people getting that from their pre-fight attitude. As soon as the final bell was rung, the true Nate Diaz that I know shone through with Nate shaking Ben’s hand and raising his hand acknowledging Ben’s win. Diaz brothers are class acts but it’s usually overshadowed by being such fierce competitors,” explained Lauzon. “Nate and I are friendly but if we end up fighting at some point, he will be mean mugging me from across the room until after the fight and then we would be boys again and I can appreciate that.”


  • Lord Faust says:

    Ben Henderson and Carlos Condit before him have shown the exact blueprint needed to defeat the Diaz brothers’ style in its current incarnation. Their stance is tailor-made to be picked apart in fights that allow leg kicks, though Bendo used a stifling clinch to nullify the boxing attack whereas Condit used distance to stay out of range.

    I still love watching both Diaz brothers fight, but I hope they brainstorm some change-ups to the training. They need to accept that dudes are going to try and wrestle them, and will take advantage of the 50 minutes of “How to Beat a Diaz Brother” that now exists for everyone to rewatch and analyse.

    Also, big credit to Nate for showing a cool demeanor and giving respect where it’s due. It’s rare this is uttered — in any context — but hopefully big bro learns from this display. Nick has the skills and the media awareness to be a high profile fighter for a long time, even if he did suffer a nasty setback in this most recent defeat.

    Also, I now want to see Henderson / Melendez more than anything now!

  • Lord Faust says:


    Should read “Nate has the skills and media awareness….”

    Any chance we could get a 5 minute edit window for typos? IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! :)

  • darth_irritable says:

    I really rate Nate over Nick. Nate seems to have gotten the brains of that outfit, and I thought his post-fight reaction and treatment of Bendo was all class. Try getting that out of his clown brother.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    I emailed the Tech Guy so we shall see.

    On the subject of Diazes, I’ve never met Nick but I have met Nate and he was exceptionally cool. Very humble and had a good sense of humor.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    So I wonder if all that hard-ass gansta stuff is an act then to be more like his older brother? I take it you met him when Nick wasn’t anywhere near the building?

  • Lord Faust says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s who Nate is. He’s always seemed like his own man, albeit from the same family with the same childhood.

    I’m sure they’re both good people; sometimes we need to forget we don’t know them, we just watch / read their media antics. Nate’s never been the shit-disturber Nick has, rough around the edges sure.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Before we get too warm & fuzzy about Nate, you guys realize that when the FOX broadcast was cutting away at times during the live action of Saturday night’s main event, it wasn’t a technical issue but rather editing on the fly to cut away from Nate flipping the bird.

    Doesn’t make him a terrible person, but still immature/unprofessional behavior from a guy being given the opportunity of a lifetime to compete for a championship as the headliner of a UFC event on network TV

    But Nate has definitely handled his career to this point better than his older brother. They have their similarities but it’s only natural they’d be unique in ways….nature vs. nurture. Perhaps Nate has had the benefit of watching his brother go thru the limelight ahead of him,learning from his older bro’s experience, avoiding some of the missteps. Or maybe Nick’s deck is just missing a couple cards. Who knows.

    More importantly, I just wish Nick would come back from the suspension, fight a top WW contender and have things play out professionally with no drama from blowing off media obligations, marijuana debates with the athletic commission, etc. Just handle your shit, man.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I just assume he was doing that to try and break Henderson’s concentration to get him to change up his gameplan, didn’t work since he had his training partners trash talk him during sparring and training to get him ready for it.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    However, I haven’t forgotten that Nate enthusiastically joined in on the stomping of Mayhem in SF after a fight.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Sure, Nate probably had a motive behind the finger rather than it being some sort of spastic reaction, but it’s just another immature move from a dude with a reputation & track record of questionable behavior.

    And while it might seem like an insignificant or even humorous thing, this was Saturday prime time programming on network TV. A silly maneuver on PPV is one thing, but I guarantee you the FOX suits care about stupid shit like that. And if they care, the UFC will care cuz FOX is pumping in the $$.

  • Funny to think that Fox cares about Nate flipping the bird yet Cleveland Show and Family guy lean heavily on jokes involving rape and murder.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Censoring a middle-finger in the middle of a sanctioned fist-fight just reinforces the fucked up priorities of censors.

  • MCM says:

    Mustn’t……say……good…..things…..’bout……NIck Diaz…………

    Fuck it.

    Yes it was respectful of Nate to give Bendo his due, but it’s not like Nick has never done the same thing. After his fight with Scott Smith, he gave Scott all the props in the world but told him it was his camp that sucked and that he’d be more than happy to have Scott come over and train with Team Gracie. I’ve also never personally met either Diaz brother, but I’ve seen video of fans interacting with them and they both seam very fan friendly and accommodating.


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