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Dan Henderson clears up speculation about his health

A few months ago UFC light heavyweight Dan Henderson was forced to withdraw from a title-fight after injuring his knee while training for the tilt. Instead of waiting for Henderson to heal, the organization booked champion Jon Jones for TUF 17 and a future fight with Chael Sonnen, resulting in Henderson being scheduled for a match-up with Lyoto Machida in February.

However, the bout with Machida appeared to be in jeopardy too after Henderson came forward a couple weeks back to say his knee still wasn’t 100%. The 42-year old’s statement apparently created such a sliver of doubt in the mind of UFC President Dana White as far as Henderson’s availability, the outspoken executive hinted at the possibility of Alexander Gustafsson filling in against Machida.

Henderson has since cleared things up and wants the world to know he’s healing as expected and should be ready to rumble when called upon.

“Not sure where Dana White thinks he’s hearing my knee isn’t doing okay. It’s doing great. Slowly picking training up just like I do for every training camp,” wrote Henderson on Twitter over the weekend.

The 29-8 Henderson is currently on a four-fight winning streak but hasn’t fought in more than a year after waiting for Jones and subsequently going down with his knee issue.


  • Richard Stabone says:

    Eh, just Dana talking out of his ass again in order to drum up a little more hype for Saturday’s Shogun-Gustafsson fight.

    Hendo will get the next shot if he beats Machida… Which wouldn’t happen until after Jones fights Chael, so for Gustafsson his title shot would have to wait until closer to early 2014. But at least Chael is fighting for the belt…solid work by the UFC.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Can’t believe its been over a year since seeing Hendo in action… time flies.

  • Lord Faust says:

    As much as I love the guy, I don’t think Dan’s the most credible guy when it comes to his health.

    That said, Dana’s been talking up a lot of stuff before confirming with fighters or signing contracts. It’s tough to believe anyone here; Dan’s already tried to work through one injury.

    I don’t want them to throw Gustafsson in there with Jones just yet, as the Shogun fight showed that Alex is good, but still in need of improvement — plus the nearly 8 month lay-off could not have helped either. I think right now Jones would crush Gustafsson fairly easily; they might have comparable reach but Jones maximises his, while Gustafsson does not.

    I am not sure who Alex should fight next, but it definitely is not the LHW champ.

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    I think I want Gustafsson against Machida, as it should be one of the prettiest stand up battles ever. It will probably end up as a boring, sloppy, wrestling/bjj match somehow, but on paper watching them go toe to toe should be fluid, fast and full of angles we haven’t seen before. I could see the winner getting Jones.


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