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Josh Koscheck calls for fight with Rory MacDonald

Rory MacDonald v Che MillsUFC welterweight Rory MacDonald likely caught the eye of a number of viewers with his dismantling of surefire UFC Hall of Fame fighter B.J. Penn last night at UFC on FOX 5. The win was MacDonald’s fourth in a row and improved his overall record to 14-1, adding to past victories over the likes of Mike Pyle, Che Mills, and Nate Diaz.

Though MacDonald has called for a rematch with Carlos Condit, the only opponent to have beaten him, another name has emerged as a possible opponent for the soft-spoken, vicious 23-year old in the form of Josh Koscheck. The former title-contender took to Twitter shortly after MacDonald’s win over Penn, throwing his name into the mix by challenging the young Canadian.

“Maybe Rory should fight me??? I doubt the UFC would want to see him get his ass kicked,” wrote Koscheck on Twitter.

Koscheck was thought to be fighting Nick Diaz in February but it now appears Diaz will instead face champion Georges St-Pierre at some point in the near future. As such, the 17-6 Koscheck is available, providing an opportunity for MacDonald to display his talent against another highly regarded foe if a clash with Condit doesn’t materialize.


  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    So Hendricks wants GSP who wants Diaz who wants Koschek who wants MacDonald who wants Condit… but nobody wants Hendricks?

    Come on Carlos, complete the circle of fight.

  • MickeyC says:

    Sounds like a high school luv triangle. Sad day when Kos can’t piss anyone off enough to even challenge him. Dudes trolling for other peoples challenges.

  • Kos and Hendricks just fought. Personally I say Rory vs Hendricks koscheck vs condit. Being as Rory says he will not fight Georges and the only injury Rory could’ve sustained last night was a sore hand or foot my proposed scenario makes for the quicket turn around and avoids rematches.

  • JBAR says:

    Give Rory Condit, let Kos have Diaz and GSP vs Hendricks. Sorry, if Rory is not going to fight GSP I don’t want to see him derailing those who will. GSP can fight Diaz afterwards.


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