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Johny Hendricks upset with Georges St-Pierre’s apparent decision to fight Nick Diaz

UFC welterweight Johny Hendricks has heard enough regarding the likelihood of champion Georges St-Pierre setting his sights on a title-fight with Nick Diaz and has started speaking out on the matter. Hendricks is viewed by most, if not all, as the clear cut top contender after beating his last five foes including knockouts of Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann. However, personal issues between St-Pierre and Diaz have bled over into the professional realm, prompting GSP to potentially opt for the Stockton scrapper instead of the more-deserving Hendricks.

Hendricks, who is typically one of the UFC’s most reserved competitors, recently broke form and aired his grievances in an interview with Bleacher Report.

“GSP just beat the guy (Carlos Condit) who beat (Diaz). (Diaz) has been out for a year. Here I am…in that year, I fought all these guys to earn my spot. That’s what I really have been trying to do and that’s earn my way,” said Hendricks before questioning St-Pierre’s character as well as his courage.

“To see GSP say that he hates seeing people that talk trash and here he is rewarding a guy and giving him a title shot. I don’t see the logic behind that,” explained the frustrated Hendricks, also adding that he felt St-Pierre might be more interested in facing him if he hadn’t finished Fitch and Kampmann.

The 14-1 Hendricks concluded that, regardless of how he feels about the situation, he will continue doing his job and has no problem fighting a different opponent if that’s what the UFC prefers. He just won’t like it.


  • THEGUNNER says:

    Get used to it.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Then he’s apparently changed his mind in the past few days, because he’s been blowing up twitter about how he refuses to fight anyone else and he will wait for gsp, because he’s only going for the title.

    I also find it funny that Dana told Hendricks that he thought he deserved the next fight, so Hendricks isn’t bitching at DW, but it was DW that made the fight between Diaz and GSP

  • One of those rare instances where I feel bad for Dana. As he said.johny deserves the shot.but gsp who tarely asks for anything, has asked to fight Diaz. Im up for either but even as a huge Diaz fan I dont think he deserves it.

  • Rarely….damn smart phones

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Hendricks is the clear-cut #1 contender, while Nick is coming off a loss and suspension. The closest thing Nick has to a top-10 win in his career at WW is BJ Penn, who was halfway to retirement at the time and is 1-3-1 in his last 5 bouts, about to tack on another L tonight. The #1 contender spot really isn’t even debatable.

    Oh, but GSP has earned the right to pick his next opponent. Why didn’t it work that way when Anderson Silva–the guy DW himself labels the best fighter of all time–balked at the notion of fighting Chael a second time, after he’d already beaten him with Chael’s testosterone levels thru the roof. Why didn’t DW give Silva that same type of leeway?

    The answer is simple: $$. There was way too much money to be made off of Silva-Sonnen II to let Silva off the hook, and now with GSP either Silva or Diaz will do much better PPV numbers than Johny Hendricks.

    Something tells me if it was the other way around–if Diaz had beaten Condit and was the #1 contender, while Hendricks was in the mix but further down the contender line–and GSP didn’t want to reward the rightful #1 contender Diaz with a title shot cuz of his lack of professionalism/disrespectful attitude & instead asked to face Hendricks, Dana White wouldn’t be quite so gracious in letting GSP dictate the next title fight. Call it a hunch.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    If DW would just acknowledge the fact that he’s just another promoter trying to maximize revenue for the company he represents, some of these maneuvers would still be annoying but a little easier to accept. But when he instead gets on these conference calls or shows up at another presser trying to rationalize the decision-making, drenched in hypocrisy, that’s what really bothers me.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    The thing about Silva vs Sonnen II kinda goes out the window though once you realize that Sonnen was on a two fight win streak when fighting Silva the second time, they at least made him do that, instead of getting the shot as soon as he was off suspension, which Diaz is doing.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’m not suggesting Chael wasn’t deserving of a 2nd shot at Silva. Like you mention, he had won a couple fights since Silva beat him the first time (although Bisping arugably beat him on short notice).

    But that’s not the point. What I’m getting at is this – when Silva balked at the notion of fighting the deserving #1 contender, Dana wasn’t having it and pushed right back. But now when GSP balks at fighting the obvious #1 contender, Dana’s fine with it cuz GSP has apparently earned that right (Silva hadn’t?).

    It all gets back to money. Silva-Chael II was gonna make big bucks, and DW was gonna make damn sure the fight happened. And Diaz, while not at all deserving of the next title shot, will make for a big selling PPV event against GSP, so Dana has a much easier time going down that path.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    It does all matter of $$, thats Dana’s whole game plan. Which sucks, but that’s why we’re getting GSP vs Diaz, Frankie vs Aldo, and Jones vs Chael. I honestly won’t be suprised if they don’t push back the HW fight at the last min so Overeem can step in against JDS even

  • elsicilian says:

    I’m not sure why anyone other than Hendricks himself is surprised/outraged by any of this. GSP vs. Diaz is a marquee matchup which will make huge money for the UFC and all the fighters involved, and will probably be the biggest PPV of the year. If both those guys are up for doing it, the match should made *immediately* before Diaz gets suspended or retires again or something.

    Meanwhile, on paper Hendricks is probably a little bit more deserving of a title-shot right now, but it’s not like Nick Diaz is some johnny-come-lately. He was the reigning Strikeforce Champion, who hadn’t lost in FIVE YEARS, and should have got a unification shot at GSP the instant he came over to UFC. The fact that he stepped up to fight Condit instead should not be held against him too much (especially since that loss was a very narrow decision that could have easily gone the other way).

    I respect the right of anyone to politely disagree, but come on … it’s not like this is some tragic miscarriage of justice. Hendricks can either roll the dice on a non-title fight (like Diaz himself did against Condit) or just wait around for the winner. He’ll get his shot soon enough, and in the meantime all us fans get Dias/GSP, for which I personally CAN’T WAIT!

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Nick Diaz being the reigning SF champ didn’t mean much considering the quality of the opposition he was facing. The simple truth is Nick has never beaten a top-10 opponent at WW.

    But nonetheless, Nick *was* given an immediate title shot upon his return to the UFC. Problem was, Nick flaked out, blowing off media obligations & pissing off the boss, leading to him being yanked from the fight. As things turned out, GSP suffered the major knee injury and the fight wouldn’t have happened anyway.

    Once it became clear GSP was going to be sidelined for an extended period of time, what was Nick going to do other than fight Condit for the silly interim belt? He didn’t “step up” any more than Condit did, and Carlos came away with a narrow but unanimous decision victory. On top of the loss, Nick managed to get himself suspended again.

    Meanwhile, in the past year Hendricks has gotten thru three top WW contenders, laying out two of them in the 1st round. He’s the obvious #1 contender and it shouldn’t even be debatable.

    But that doesn’t mean it’ll be a surprise if GSP-Diaz is the next WW title fight. That matchup will sell more PPVs than Hendricks, and given the UFC’s track record–especially of late–that’s reason enough to book the fight. Watching GSP dominate Diaz will be entertaining the same way Bendo’s performance was last night, but it doesn’t change the fact that Hendricks is getting the shaft.

  • Screenplaya says:

    I am surprised anyone here is speculating as to why DW would honor GSP’s choice to fight Nick Diaz rather than Johnny Hendricks. The answer is plain and obvious.

    Diaz/GSP will put asses in seats. Hendricks is dull and only has a puncher’s chance of winning. I admit that he has a very good puncher’s chance, but it doesn’t make for the sellable affair that a scrap with Diaz makes.

    Although I think there is something to be said for Condit/MacDonald, but wouldn’t it be nice to see MacDonald and Hendricks throw down? Or…Hendricks/Diaz vs Condit/MacDonald for a shot at the WW strap, giving Georges time to take apart Anderson at 178?

  • JBAR says:

    If GSP really plans to fight A. Silva later this year and wants to fight Diaz now then let him vacate the belt and let Hendricks and Rory fight for it. GSP has kept the division inactive long enough with his injuries and Diaz does not deserve the title shot.

  • Rece Rock says:

    So a fight with Diaz a highly ranked fighter in the division whose last fight was for the interim title and a super fight with Silva pitting 2 p4p champs and probably the biggest mma fight ever would be a cause for the strap to be vacated?… nah.

    Diaz also had insulted GSP various times before and after the injury and also that bout that was supposed to happen before the injury. It’s a interesting match up and it’s a bit personal… There was money left on the table when that fight fell apart now it’s time to collect on that lost income.

    If you want to be mad at a divisional hold up then be mad at Condit for not fighting for like 10 months after getting the interim strap… GSP was injuried, Condit just was the one just waiting around inactive.


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