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Georges St-Pierre tells Dana White he has “unfinished business” with Nick Diaz

The saga surrounding the immediate future of UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre took another turn this week when Dana White revealed he’d spoken to GSP and gotten a different message than the one relayed by St-Pierre’s chief trainer, Firas Zahabi. Zahabi recently went on record implying St-Pierre was going to focus on a super-fight with Anderson Silva, though, according to White, the fan-favorite has designs on settling a personal score with Nick Diaz rather than changing weight-classes.

“Georges St-Pierre went on vacation. When he came back, we were talking about Anderson Silva. He said, ‘I want Nick Diaz. Me and Nick Diaz have unfinished business. That’s the fight I want now,’” explained White to media members at the UFC on FOX 5 pre-event presser.

MMAJunkie was on hand and able to capture the conversation.

While White has pushed for putting St-Pierre up against Silva in recent months, the UFC President admitted he had no problem promoting the fight the popular French-Canadian prefers.

“Georges St-Pierre has been a phenomenal champion, a phenomenal human being and just a great guy to work with for us. He doesn’t ask for things. If he wants Nick Diaz, and Nick Diaz wants to fight him, that’s probably the fight we’ll make,” said White on the matter.

White also added the company was already targeting a date for the tilt but wouldn’t go into detail.

The rivalry between St-Pierre and Diaz dates back to last year when the two were supposed to face off shortly after the latter had come into the UFC as Strikeforce champion. However, Diaz ended up skipping out on two press conferences and being replaced by Carlos Condit (though the two didn’t fight after GSP suffered a minor knee injury). After going on to beat B.J. Penn, Diaz was then slated for a showdown with St-Pierre in February 2012 after calling “Rush” out publicly, though the fight fell apart as the result of GSP tearing his ACL. Diaz went on to collide with Condit, losing a controversial decision, and has been out of action ever since due to a drug-related suspension.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    It’s kinda funny because these comments has sent Hendricks into a tail spin on twitter, bitching at GSP for being scared and stuff. Yet Dana tweeted Hendricks saying that he agreed and that he’s all for Johnny getting the fight…but it was Dana that said he’d probably make the Diaz fight over the Hendricks fight.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    This part of the comments from DW was interesting too, although probably not surprising at this point…

    “I haven’t even talked to Nick yet. I was trying to track him down this week, which is always fun. So I called (Nick’s brother) Nate, and Nate told me, ‘Listen, if you talk to him, tell him I’m looking for him too.”

    Nick isn’t exactly reliable in these matters, so this soap opera might continue to play out for a while.

    But if the GSP-Diaz matchup does indeed happen next, that means the upcoming title fights in the FW, WW and LHW divisions will each include a challenger that is coming off a loss. Pretty awesome.

  • MCM says:

    “Diaz went on to collide with Condit, losing a controversial decision, and has been out of action ever since due to a drug-related suspension.”

    And he RETIRED! Why does no one want to admit that he quit MMA.

  • qat says:

    Coz everyone knows thats just Diaz talking nonsense..

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Gsp wants nick because he has no take down defense and he wants to lay on him for five rounds.

  • Mcm, cuz noone believed him, just like noone believed Penn.
    Georges will hate himself if he zigs when he should zag and loses his title to Nick. He could’ve made history and took on the spider but noooooo he HAS to settle a personal score. He’ll regret this later.

  • MCM says:

    I don’t know superdave. I disagree with THEGUNNERs reasoning but not his prediction. Diaz is an easy fight for GSP. I know you gotta rep the 209, but do honestly see any area where Diaz can beat GSP?

  • moosebaby02 says:

    com on superdave?? Really??
    If anything that is obviously clear about GSP is that you do not call out his honor or integrity via Matt Huges, Matt Serra, Kos, and Dan Hardy. All those four men did it and all came out with some lengthy time off recovering from it and anyone who knows anything can see the same thing coming for Diaz.
    As for the suppose super fight that EVERYONE WHO IS BORED WITH MMA is calling for have to think about this. There is nothing worse then a bigger guy (the bully) calling out a smaller guy (the victim). If GSP got fist-a-cuffed in his home country buy a very very very slow Jake Shields what the fuck do you think is going to happen when a bigger faster and the most technical striker in UFC history is going to do to him??? That’s not a fight it’s just bullying. If Anderson wants a challenge then call out someone who is bigger then he is who is not a tomato can.
    Fuck doesn’t anyone know that Anderson started out as a LHW???


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