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Jose Aldo feels win over Frankie Edgar could be launching point for lightweight run

UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo has been linked to the lightweight division a handful of times in the past based on the Brazilian’s frame and general dominance against his 145-pound peers. However, he has always remained tight-lipped about when the move up might come, leaving the decision in the hands of his coaches at Nova Uniao.

That could change in February when he faces former lightweight title-holder Frankie Edgar at UFC 156. Prior to his decision to drop down in weight, Edgar put together an impressive stretch against larger opponents including wins over the likes of Sean Sherk, Gray Maynard, and B.J. Penn. As such, Aldo is under the impression a solid showing en route to victory over Edgar could be the catalyst for him to finally test his hand at taking out 155ers.

“This fight with Edgar will be a turning point. If I can win (against) him well, then I can prove that I can go (to lightweight),” said Aldo to a group of media members in Los Angeles. “He has a very strong reputation thanks to destroying several opponents. That’s the motivation for me to face him and that will be probably my last biggest challenge (at featherweight).”

MMAFighting was on hand and able to capture the conversation.

Asked to elaborate on why beating Edgar would play such a major role in his potential move up to 155 pounds, Aldo explained his adversary’s past accomplishments and overall durability have created an extremely high mark he sees as serving to gauge to his own potential prowess as al ightweight.

“I see (him) as a challenge. Frank already proved that he is a trooper, he will go to fight all five rounds, and he doesn’t give up. This is the fight I wanted,” concluded Aldo.

The 21-1 Aldo will enter the February 2 fight with fourteen consecutive wins in his rear-view mirror. He has finished fifteen of the opponents he’s beaten including Cub Swanson, Mike Brown, and most recently Chad Mendes.


  • Creature says:

    If he moves up id love to see him take on the loser of Pettis/Cerrone. That way hes not forced to take on a top 5 LW in his first fight up, but its still a very credible contender and makes for an exciting war either way

  • Angry Mike says:

    Edgar v. Aldo should be a great fight. Both are amazingly quick. Edgar’s got better boxing, imo, but Aldo has devastating leg kicks.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    This should be a great fight… the toughest opponent Aldo will have faced in his career, and possibly the same for Frankie. It’ll take a great performance to beat Frankie but if he’s able to do it, I agree with Aldo it would be a natural stepping stone to a move up to 155.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    @Creature – I think the Cerrone/Pettis winner will be next in line for a title shot. Whoever wins, it’ll be a 3rd straight victory (and 9 outta 10 for Cowboy or 7 outta 8 for Showtime), making either guy plenty deserving, and there’s not really anybody else knocking on the door right now…

    Maynard has only fought once since being KO’d by Frankie, which was that weird Guida fight that left everybody with a bad taste in their mouth. And he’s hurt again.

    The winner of Miller-Lauzon will still be a ways away from #1 contender status.

    Guida is coming off consecutive losses and, realistically, will never be in a title fight.

    There are guys like Eddie Alvarez & Gilbert Melendez who could get fast-tracked once they arrive to the UFC, but that’s at least a little ways down the road as well.

    And since this is the LW division we’re talking about, I suppose I need to factor in the possibility of immediate rematches.

    But still, I think it comes down to Cerrone-Pettis…. you’ve got the bad blood/trash talking between these two, both guys like to press the action in the cage & put on entertaining fights, and toss in #1 contender stakes and this could be an amazing fight all around.

  • Creature says:

    Right Stabone i figured the same, thats why i daid if Aldo moves up he should take on the loser not the winner who should instead be fighting for the title

  • Creature says:

    Right Stabone i figured the same, thats why i said if Aldo moves up he should take on the loser not the winner who should instead be fighting for the title

  • AlphaOmega says:

    That’s what I was going to say to Richard too Creature, but after reading both messages..a lot..I think his was in response to the second half of your message about Aldo then not fighting a top 5 lw in his first fight

  • MCM says:

    Depending on how well Aldo does against Edgar (i.e. Finish) , I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a LW title shot with a win. He’d have been the only person in the UFC to finish Edgar, something so other LW could do, and have a resume that is comparable to every other LW.

    Neither Edgar nor Gilbert are in the UFC so we shouldn’t jump the gun on them just yet.

    Maynard is injured as Boner pointed out.

    and I don’t think Aldo should be taking on anyone coming off a loss in his LW debut. (I’m aware that Edgar is on a -2 fight streak) so I wouldn’t put him against Pettis, Diaz, or Lauzon.

    So I’m all for giving him a title shot since I don’t think the UFC is gonna make Cerrone/Bendo III.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    “Neither Edgar nor Gilbert are in the UFC so we shouldn’t jump the gun on them just yet. ”

    Edgar isn’t in the UFC? Strange.


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