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Forrest Griffin: “I really don’t want to get beat up by a guy in pink tights.”

UFC light heavyweight Forrest Griffin is as known as much for his sense of humor as he is for his in-ring accomplishments. The 33-year old former champion is rarely seen without a smile splashed across his mug or prepared to put one on another person’s face, earning status as one of the organization’s biggest stars through both wit and winning.

However, Griffin knows he has a serious situation on his hands come December 29 when he faces Phil Davis at UFC 155.

“This is not a sport meant for the weak. It really isn’t. I like that about it. If you’re not the shark you’re going to get eaten,” began Griffin in an interview with the UFC before turning to some of his adversary’s traits. “There are a lot of things to watch out for. That’s why it’s so fun. He’s long, he’s quick. Obviously he’s got a great shot, great wrestling, great Anaconda Choke. So, I’ve got that to look forward to.”

Though Griffin grasps Davis is a dangerous foe, he isn’t about to abandon his identity by taking things TOO seriously. As such, the affable athlete implied he would normally be able to stomach a loss to someone with Davis’ credentials but can’t in the case of “Mr. Wonderful”.

“You know the thing about Phil Davis is, I really don’t want to get beat up by a guy in pink tights,” Griffin joked.

Check out the complete interview with Griffin below:


  • Creature says:

    Leave it to Forrest to make me LOL a bit

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Davis gots this fight then id like to see him get a better opponent to be more in the mix. A win over forrest isnt that big of a deal.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I like Forrest as much as anybody, but I think Davis wins this. Forrest’s only hope is to slow him down with leg kicks and win by decision, and I don’t see that happening.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Davis wins this easily. He’s a hell of a fighter, having finished guys like Boetsch & Gustaffson while winning via decision against guys like Stann & Little Nog in fights that all 3 judges gave every round to Davis.

    Forrest vs. Chael was the right matchup all along but this is what we’re left with. Davis wins easily; only question is whether it makes it to the scorecards.

  • Right, because Phil Davis has been fighting alot of top level competition and finishing them all
    oh wait….no he hasnt.
    I like Phil Davis and all but Forrest isnt an easy fight for anyone not named Anderson Silva. People seem to disregard the fact that Phil Davis has only showed a great striking game against a piss poor striker and ufc rookie, but past that he was owned for five tedious rounds by Evans. Phil is great on the ground but so is Forrest. If this stays on the feet Forrest has a huge advantage and on the ground its debatable seeing as all Davis did against Lil Nog is lay postured in his guard and land no damage and get nowhere near a submission.

    ugh, I dont see why you guys write Forrest off as if he isnt a former world champion who hasnt fought anything but a bunch of killers in the last 5 years, So he lost to Shogun Silva and Evans…..last time I checked all those guys have quite the resumes.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Because all people see anymore is that he’s older, he’s not fighting as much as he use to, he’s on TRT, and he acts goofy which people figure means he’s gone off the deep end mentally.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Personally I think Forrest wins this fight, or at the very least gets a close split decision loss. I will say though that he needs to work on his cardio, if he got tired against Tito, he will definitely get tired against Davis

  • Angry Mike says:


    Forrest doesn’t have ko power. Traditionally he’s been a brawler who’s won wars of attrition by decision. He’s been ko’d by Jardine, Evans, Silva and Rua, and taken lots of damage in fights that went to the finish. Age and wear and tear are big factors in my mind because Davis is younger with less mileage. I’m not suggesting that Davis is the next big thing, I’m suggesting that Forrest is winding down.

  • MCM says:

    Gotta agree with ya superdave. Forrest has only looked bad in two fights, against A.S. which was one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen in the cage, and his second fight against Shogun where his wife was literally hours away from giving birth to their first child. People forget that Forrest took the first round against Evans where as Phil looked like he didn’t even belong in the same organization.
    Griffen is just outside the top 10 (#12 I think) and a win over Davis puts him back into the top 10 and one more win puts him in title contention….it’s not like Forrest is a can.
    I think Forrest has the tools to win this fight. I’m not counting out Davis, but this would be the biggest win of his career if he gets it.


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