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Cesar Gracie believes Nick Diaz could still end up as GSP’s next opponent

In a little more than two months, UFC welterweight Nick Diaz will be clear to compete again after serving a yearlong suspension for marijuana use. Though he has been linked to a possible clash with Josh Koscheck in his return to the ring, Diaz’s camp believes there’s still hope regarding a go at divisional king Georges St-Pierre even if the Stockton scrapper isn’t technically a #1 contender.

“This is a weird game. It’s up to the fans, really,” explained coach/manager Cesar Gracie in an interview with The MMA Hour. “Things change, rules change. You can’t come of a loss and get a title fight, blah, blah, blah. And then all of a sudden you see Chael Sonnen, not only coming off a loss which wasn’t controversial, like Nick’s was pretty damn controversial. I think most people think he actually won that fight. The champions did. Anderson Silva, Chuck Liddell, all of these other people, the old-school guys, the new-school guys thought that Nick won that fight and they’ve told me that. But, look, Chael Sonnen gets knocked out and he gets to go up in weight and fight for a title, and be in The Ultimate Fighter house and everything.”

“What if Dana White can’t make the (St-Pierre vs. Silva) fight happen? Who knows? Fans demand Nick, and stuff happens all the time. You could see that fight happening. Don’t shut the door on things,” Gracie concluded on a shot at St-Pierre.

14-1 knockout machine Johny Hendricks is currently viewed as being next in line for a crack at St-Pierre’s championship, though things could certainly change based on public demand. Diaz holds an overall record of 26-8 with past wins over Chris Lytle, Paul Daley, Frank Shamrock, and B.J. Penn. He hasn’t fought since February when he lost a closely contested decision against Carlos Condit.


  • Rece Rock says:

    Yep…Pretty sure fans would rather see Diaz/GSP.
    I feel like Hendricks style would be muffled by GSP rather easily, But the begining of every round would be interesting… after that it would be a wrestle fuck at it’s best.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i personally would rather see Hendricks/GSP, and Diaz fight the winner of Maia/Fitch. But i dont think the timing works, plus Josh is shouting for a fight with Nick and looks like he’ll get it.
    fight i most wanna see is GSP/Diaz but i like balance in the world, and the above works better for me

  • You know, Cesar makes a great point about Chael’s undeserved title shot. Then again, I’d rather see Diaz and Kos/Hendricks throw down first. Someone will talk GSP into fighting Silva and this gives time for Nick to fight someone else and should he win he can lay claim to the number 1 contender and hype up him VS GSP.

    Hendricks or Kos gives Diaz a great wrestling/KO power challenge, and should he get by either man, especially in dominant fashion, then he can claim the next shot at GSP. But not just yet, Im a total believer that a title challenger cant come off of a loss, including a fellow 209er.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Well now we know the Diaz brothers get their herb.
    Sonnen if being rewarded for being the only guy to step up to a fight when Uncle Dana and Co needed a hand. Also Sonnen was rewarded to slap the fighters who said no right in the face. Except for Hendo. He gets Machida for not revealing his injury in time.
    No where close to coming off a loss (and yes he lost) after being high threw his training camp.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Hendricks is next in line, period. But like Cesar says, all it takes is a hitch in the plans and the UFC has demonstrated its willingness to put virtually any option on the table. So just give them an excuse and they’d gladly put Diaz into a title shot against GSP even with Diaz coming off a loss and suspension.

    Let’s say the GSP-Hendricks bout is planned for the Memorial Day card (late May)… well, if Hendricks were to go down with injury, they’d slide Diaz in there and if anyone questioned the legitimacy of such a move Dana would fire back with his patented line: “The fans want to see this f*cking fight!!”

    If I had my way, these are the WW matchups to be made…

    Hendricks vs. GSP
    Ellenberger vs. Diaz
    Condit vs. Rory (assuming Rory beats BJ)

    Not sure what to do with Koscheck, but he’s just not as interesting to me at this stage of his career as the guys mentioned above. Kos vs. Diaz isn’t a terrible idea, but I’d much rather see Ellenberger go in there and bang with Diaz than watch Kos try to give Diaz the Paul Daley treatment.

  • Niv says:

    Diaz vs GSP is the fight I do want to see. Hendricks is going to get schooled by GSP and I have no problem waiting for that fight.

    Diaz will make the GSP fight a war and I like what he brings to the table.

    If we have to wait so be it, but I’m one of those fans that felt Diaz squeaked out a victory over Condit and should have been fighting him anyways.

  • Angry Mike says:

    In a fight between Nick Diaz and Josh Koscheck, which one is the heel?

  • Niv says:

    Koscheck’s the heel in every fight he’s in as far as I’m concerned.


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