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Josh Koscheck still calling for clash with Nick Diaz

A little less than a month ago, UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck got the public’s attention by teasing a February fight with Nick Diaz. The story was given a little more steam by comments from Diaz’s coach/manager Cesar Gracie who said he thought Koscheck was a solid option for his star pupil’s return to the ring after a yearlong suspension for marijuana use.

Koscheck isn’t letting fans forget about the possible pairing, recently explaining why he’s so jacked about the thought of locking horns with an opponent like Diaz.

“I feel like it’s a great match-up for me and I believe the fans are already on board to see that fight. It is a fight that makes sense and I think maybe Nick Diaz and I should settle it up to see who takes the spot behind the number one contender,” said Koscheck in an interview with the UFC’s website. “I feel it would be a great fight for the fans, with a great build-up, and Nick brings a lot to the table. He’s a good fighter. He’s tough. He has that tenacity where it’s ‘It’s me against the world and %$#$ you!’ I have the same attitude. I enjoy fighting people who have the same attitude because they are going to come in, never give up, and they are going to stand in front of you and fight. Nick Diaz will absolutely do that.”

“It’s going to be bad guy versus bad guy,” he continued. “We haven’t seen too many of those match-ups in the UFC. I feel like the Nick Diaz fight needs to happen and I’m pushing for it. I told the UFC that is the fight I want. He’s a guy who supposedly beat Carlos Condit in his eyes and he still feels he can beat Georges St-Pierre. He’s Tweeting about it and feels he is the number one guy. Well guess what? Don’t be scared homie. I’m waiting for you.”

The 17-6 Koscheck has been sidelined with injuries since May when he lost a somewhat controversial Split Decision loss to Johny Hendricks, the #1 contender at welterweight. Prior to the stumble he’d won five of six scraps with the lone exception involving an outpointing at the hands of champion St-Pierre.

Likewise, Diaz is also coming off a decision defeat many fans felt he deserved the nod in. He holds an overall mark of 26-8 including wins over the likes of Robbie Lawler, Paul Daley, and B.J. Penn.


  • BiG BaD BuLL says:

    Diaz defeating Anthony Johnson is a typo, yeah?

  • AlphaOmega says:

    “The 17-6 Koscheck hasn’t been sidelined with injuries since May” shouldn’t that be has been?

    Also Kos says that he likes fighting someone who’s going to come and stand in front of you and fight..both Rumble and Daley wanted to do that but Kos opted instead to take them down and grind them out so…

  • THEGUNNER says:

    T 2jHe ll probobly get subbed by diaz so he ll stand up a lil im pretty sure there would be a lot of talking going on in the cage.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Oops, had Koscheck on the brain when I wrote that. Edited.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah I don’t really like this matchup, as I think Koscheck would grind out a decision victory by controlling the action with his wrestling. Kos has only been submitted once in his career which a) happened 7 years ago when he was still very green in MMA, and b) it was pretty flukey circumstances as Fickett caught him with a hail mary type of knee at the tail end of a fight Kos had dominated, quickly hopping on his back to choke him out. So anyway, Diaz would certainly be capable of catching him with a sub but pretty unlikely.

    I’m not convinced Diaz would beat any of the top guys at 170, so if he’s going to go down–spoiling the GSP matchup–I’d at least like to see it happen in entertaining fashion against someone like Ellenberger rather than Koscheck. Rory or Kampmann could be better options as well.

  • MCM says:

    I agree with you Richard that Diaz wouldn’t beat the top guys at 170, that’s why I WANT this fight. All this talk of Diaz being such a great fighter when he hasn’t fought a single wrestler since 2006 when he lost to a LW midget in Sean Sherk. I want to see him get put on his back and stuck there the entire time, just to further showcase the fact that he isn’t near as good as he thinks he is.

    And if I’m wrong, hey, I get to see Kos lose again. Win Win.

  • This is certainly a great match up to find out two things, can Nick really hang with top guys at 170? Can Kos withstand the Diaz onslaught. I, Of course think Nick can hang with(and destroy) Koscheck. Diaz may not have fought a wrestler since 2006 but let’s not forget that Sherk did almost NO damage, had a really hard time taking Nick down and also at the time Sherk had 2 losses on his record(GSP and Matt Hughes) so while he may have been a midget he was also a certifiable bad ass.
    People sit around and act as if Koscheck is this ELITE 170 pounder, but his best win is an over the hill Hughes, a Staph infection plagued Diego Sanchez, or a ground deficient Paul Daley, your choice.

    Diaz on the other hand has an over the hill Penn and a TKO of Paul Daley, which are claims to being an upper middle tier WW, but not an elite one.(and that goes for both Kos and NIck)

    In the end I think this would go like most Diaz fights, Koscheck will stand and trade with Nick and get overwhelmed by the trash talk and volume punches and then when he hits a takedown it will either be too late and Josh wont be able to get the takedown and Nick will batter him into a TKO or grab Josh’s neck and tap him out.

  • Rece Rock says:

    One of the issues I immediately think of is Kos orbital socket blowing up with Diaz peppering him here & there before Kos gets the take down.


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