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Rory MacDonald out for revenge against Carlos Condit

UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald may have his hands full at the moment while preparing for a December 8 bout with B.J. Penn, but the 23-year old wants the world to know he already has another opponent on his mind he’s hoping to lock horns with at some point in the near future – Carlos Condit. The two talented competitors met in June 2010 where MacDonald came within ten seconds of scoring a decision win before being blasted on his back, resulting in a strike-based stoppage.

“I respect him completely – he’s one of the guys I respect most in the sport. His outlook and his attitude are great,” explained MacDonald initially in a conversation with ESPN. “But I feel like I was embarrassed in that fight. I want to prove to myself and the world that I am the better fighter and I want revenge for the embarrassment I felt that night.”

The defeat to Condit is the only professional stumble MacDonald has suffered in his career. He holds an overall record of 13-1 including past victories over Mike Pyle and Nate Diaz.

Comparably, the 28-6 Condit is coming off a hard-fought decision loss to MacDonald’s mentor, Georges St-Pierre, and should be available for a return to the Octagon in early 2013.


  • moosebaby02 says:

    I remember that fight. Think it was in Calgary. Love both guys and Rory was winning then bam. Will love to see part 2. Both have grown in big ways since the last one.
    After Rory walks over BJ with ease and without a mark I rather see him take on the older Diaz first maybe? Early 2013. If the Condit one doesn’t fall threw. You can build up that story big time setting up potential Diaz vs GSP (if Diaz beats Rory). You know both coming from the same camp and all. And since GSP “SHOULD” be taking on Hendricks next the timing can set up baring injuries.
    If Rory wins then I guess Uncle Dana and everyone bored with MMA can get their wish and see GSP bulk up and take on the MW div/Anderson since I don’t think GSP will fight Rory. Rory on the other hand…well I believe if asked it would be a FUCK YA and I think he is the one at WW to beat GSP.
    So that will be the pushing point for him to move up and after the mega fight happens Uncle Dana will say winner gets JJ Bones.
    Or I can be just high and tipsy and shit over thinking. It is Friday


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