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Michael Bisping blasts Anderson Silva for ambiguity

UFC middleweight Michael Bisping respects champion Anderson Silva’s right to pursue a super-fight with Georges St-Pierre or take an extended break from competition to focus on personal goals. However, Bisping isn’t nearly as appreciative of Silva holding the divisional title hostage while he figures out what he wants to do.

The 33-year old Brit recently spoke about the situation where his displeasure with the dynamic Silva’s approach was clearly evident.

“I kind of feel like he’s maybe having a little bit of fun with it sometimes, but this isn’t a comedy program. This is the UFC, and this is fighting. It’s serious business,” explained Bisping in an interview with MMAJunkie. “If you want to take a year out, take a year out. If you don’t want to take a year out, fight the No. 1 contender. Anderson is the best, but you’ve got to defend that title.”

“It just sucks for the fans that want to see Anderson fight. It sucks for the fighters that want to fight Anderson for his belt, and it sucks for the UFC, as well,” he concluded.

Bisping also made a suggestion he thought might work for all involved parties, providing Silva an avenue to do anything he wants while keeping the UFC’s pack pack of hungry 185-pound contenders satisfied as well.

“Perhaps he vacates the belt, and when he’s ready to come back, he gets an immediate title shot and fights the new champion then,” offered up Bisping.

Before concerning himself too much with the champion’s status Bisping will need to defeat Vitor Belfort in January at UFC on FX 7. If successful, the performance will mark his sixth win in seven bouts with the lone exception being a controversial decision loss to Chael Sonnen.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    Bisping’s trying to talk enough trash that Silva will say I want to fight him I think, it won’t work though. I think he also knows deep down that an interim belt is the only way he gets the MW belt while Silva is champ.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Yes and No Alpha
    This is what Anderson wants. Everyone but GSP is calling him out and guess what? They are all in the MW div.
    So Anderson makes his move- if I really have to fight and its not going to be GSP then im getting fucking paid.
    Uncle Dana-either way if I force GSP into fighting Anderson or not someone is going to talk their way into PPV numbers and that’s all that matters.
    These two have been doing this shit for years but pretend than they have no clue

  • elsicilian says:

    I love seeing the Spider fight (and obviously champions needs to defend their belt) but Bisping’s way off base. Anderson Silva has fought AT LEAST twice a year since joining the UFC; and even though he’s had a few LHW matches here and there, he’s never gone a full year without defending his title since winning it in 2006.

    Any MW belt is going to be totally meaningless so long as Silva remains unbeaten and unretired, so I am not sure Bisping’s “suggestion” is good for much.


    Anderson Silva acts and mimicks Michael Jackson in such a degree as to make people think that he is humble and nice-when in fact he is a very intelligent baiting strategist that is going to decimate GSP if they ever meet in the octagon


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