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MMA’s Biggest Turkeys of 2012

It’s that time of year again when millions of people get together to celebrate Thanksgiving. And, of course, the holiday wouldn’t be complete without a significant helping of turkey…or turkeys, as the case may be when discussing some of the Mixed Martial Artists who have done anything but shine flawlessly in 2012.

Jason Miller

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There was a time when Jason Miller was seen as one of the top middleweights in MMA. However, that notion was quickly dismissed after his most recent appearances in the Octagon. Miller lost to C.B. Dollaway in his only 2012 tilt and hung up his gloves shortly thereafter due to embarrassment. A few months later, he broke into a church and vandalized it before being arrested in the nude. The year also saw him show up to an interview in character from a movie he played a supporting role in and storm off when the journalist asking questions wanted to take a more serious approach to things.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I agree with them except for the Bonnar Forrest ones, Bonnar was basically retired when he stepped in to take the fight to help out. And I still say Forrest didn’t do anything wrong post fight, except for running out of the ring, I actually liked him interviewing Tito, I thought it was entertaining and refreshing, plus Joe never once seemed pissed off, only Tito and Dana did.

  • That picture of Rampage is priceless


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