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Carlos Condit: “I left it all in the cage.”

Despite the brutality of the battle, the pain of defeat likely hurts more today than any physical damage UFC welterweight Carlos Condit is dealing with. The talented 28-year old waited nine months for an opportunity to unify his interim title with linear champion Georges St-Pierre’s belt last night at UFC 154 and even came close to winning, landing a perfectly placed headkick sending GSP down to the mat. However, in the end it was St-Pierre who came away with the win thanks to an unstoppable stream of takedowns and technical prowess on top.

One thing softening the blow for Condit is the comfort of knowing he did everything he could in the clash, not cracking under the pressure of St-Pierre’s attack and capitalizing on every opening he saw.

“I would have liked a different outcome but I left it all in the cage. I fought to the best of my ability tonight,” said Condit in a post-fight interview with Fuel TV.

Rather than reacting too emotionally, Condit kept things in perspective, pointing to both the caliber of opposition he was facing combined with a genuine belief the loss will help him grow as a fighter.

“Georges is one of the best guys to have ever gotten in the Octagon. He showed why tonight,” explained Condit, later stating, “Obviously I have some improvements (to make) but this is the kind of fight you learn from.”

The loss snapped a five-fight winning streak for Condit and was only his second stumble since July 2006.

Check out the complete interview with Condit below:


  • RicM says:

    ………you got my respect Carlos…..hella good fight,gave everything ya got….thumbs up,man……got my vote for fight of the year………..

  • darth_irritable says:

    Damn right. One more nail in the “Greg Jackson trains runners” argument. This fight was so good because both fighters fought tooth and nail the whole five rounds.

  • Screenplaya says:

    Much respect.

    I love GSP and it was refreshing to see his opponent carry himself with this level of respect. Carlos talked zero shit before the fight, brought everything he had for all he was worth during the fight, and now is showing respect to Georges and everyone after the fight. Carlos, his parents, his trainers, his friends, and his fans should all be proud of what he accomplished and the way he did it. He will be back.

    Now, Georges, make the move to 185 permanently. Take the time to pack on the weight smartly, and go after Anderson this summer.

  • Sumoninja says:

    Yes. This is MY version of the MMA world. Respectful, highly skilled fighters who go at it with everything they have. Incredible fight from the second the contracts were signed through the last post-fight interview. Stand up guys with real dedication and skill. Just wow.


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