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Georges St-Pierre doesn’t think he or Anderson Silva is MMA’s pound-for-pound best

UFC champions Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva have both shown themselves to be supremely skilled in a number of disciplines, racking up a ton of success inside the Octagon en route to establishing status as two of the best in the business. As a result, when it comes compiling to pound-for-pound lists, fans and media members may argue on spots 3-10 but there’s rarely any question about the names occupying the top two positions.

Though countless individuals may view the two as interchangeable, St-Pierre himself doesn’t believe he’s earned the honor of being #1. He also doesn’t think Silva owns the distinction either.

“There are many guys who have skills that are better than mine in different departments but mixed martial arts…that’s the beauty of it, you need to be well-rounded. In terms of pound-for-pound, the best pound-for-pound, I believe it’s Frankie Edgar. That’s what I believe,” said St-Pierre in an interview with The Dan LeBatard Show. “I truly believe he’s the best pound-for-pound. He was fighting in a weight class above his and he was the world champion. Even though he lost his two last fights I believe the judges made a mistake. I gave him these two fights. That’s my personal opinion.”

Edgar was 14-1-1 before suffering back-to-back decision losses to the much larger Benson Henderson, both of which could have gone his way. He has since decided to dip down to featherweight, a division better for his build, and will face another pound-for-pound star in champion Jose Aldo on February 2 and UFC 156. As a lightweight, Edgar beat a number of notable adversaries including the likes of Gray Maynard, Sean Sherk, and B.J. Penn.


  • raker says:

    Based on what Georges? Domination of opponents? No, most of his recent fights have been too close to call. Based on his technical skills? No! P4P best is between JBJ and Silva…. Dominating, resilient, KO power, high level submission games an seemingly unbeatable.

  • I agree entirely Raker. And while the second fight was alot closer, I still dont see how Frankie(or anyone else for that matter) thinks he won the first fight.
    Very few times do I agree with MMA Logic but I’ll always remember him saying that Pound for Pound rankings is the equivalent of saying if Spider man and The Hulk were similarly sized and new equal in strength than it would still be “fuckin retarded.” and the outcome doesnt matter.

    Im interested in seeing Silva Jones GSP Cormier Aldo Edgar Ben Henderson and many others move up or down in weight but not based on some mythical rankings system, but just due to the fact that alot of guys cut alot of weight, some cut very little and some cut none. Alot of the size gaps between guys isnt all that varied (Toquinho is shorter than GSP and shredded as hell. Lombard is only 5’8, Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone tower over Thiago Alves) and I would love to see these guys test themselves against each other for their own selfish reasons but more importantly to continue to make fighting entertaining.

    Could you imagine some of those, Alves vs. Cerrone or Palhares vs. Maia could still be on the table.
    Just sayin.


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