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Matt Hughes certain Georges St-Pierre will beat Anderson Silva if they fight

If pound-for-pound great Georges St-Pierre gets by Carlos Condit this weekend at UFC 154 the heat will be turned up on talk pertaining to a possible super-fight between GSP and middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Both Silva and UFC President Dana White have been pushing for the potential pairing in recent months, while St-Pierre has remained 100% focused on the task at hand rather than moving up for a shot at “The Spider”.

One of the arguments against a showdown between St-Pierre and Silva, regardless of how “Rush” performs next weekend, has surrounded the size difference between the two. Silva is taller and heavier than St-Pierre, occasionally fighting at 205 pounds as he did last month in a win over Stephan Bonnar. However, UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes doesn’t think Silva’s physical prowess will make much of a difference if the bout does ever take place, and actually feels as though St-Pierre is somewhat of a lock to emerge victorious.

“I really believe if GSP and Silva fight Georges will have his hand raised,” said Hughes in an interview with “GSP is not a great wrestler, but he transitions so well from striking to wrestling that he will be on Silva’s legs before Anderson even knows what’s going on. I believe Georges is that quick and I don’t think Silva will be able to do a whole lot with Georges on top of him.”

“Georges is going to be in great shape. He always is, and I don’t think Silva would be able to use his weight advantage on GSP to try and tire him out. If anyone will get tired I think it will be Silva because he’s not going to be in the positions he wants to be in,” Hughes continued in his assessment. “Georges will put him in some bad situations and I think GSP will do well in the fight and walk away the winner.”

Silva’s trouble with stopping takedowns and getting up off of his back have most notably been on display in clashes with Chael Sonnen, nearly costing him the middleweight belt back in 2010 as well. Of course, the crafty Brazilian went on to win both bouts against Sonnen, making for an interesting scenario if he does ever square off with St-Pierre.


  • soundspawn says:

    As is common, I’m agreeing with Hughes and then he just has to throw something in there too over the top. “GSP is not a great wrestler…”

    Oh well, the rest is pretty spot on, and it would be a very intersting match. Perhaps we can write off his misstep as simply one too many concussions?

  • Lord Faust says:

    This is one of the few times I will agree with Matt Hughes. GSP is not going to even entertain the notion of striking with Silva and would probably win the 5 round fight Chael managed to let slip away.

    Which is one of the reasons I never want to see this fight. Either GSP gets starched or Anderson gets his first UFC loss in the form of a grinding decision. Neither of those outcomes really appeals to me.

    Besides, there’s a fight next weekend that could throw a monkey wrench into all of this. Personally, I have GSP beating Condit but it’s not a lock by any means.

  • Niv says:

    Well Mr. Hughes is definitely a far more knowledgeable mma fan than I am but I have to disagree with his assessment.

    GSP is without a doubt a freak of nature athlete who I believe is going to make Carlos Condit look very ordinary next week. Having said that, the natural size difference is just too much to overcome and as the skill levels of both fighters cancel each other out, size remains.

    Silva has no business fighting GSP, the only superfight with Silva in it has to be against Jon Jones where size will not be an issue.

  • raker says:

    IMO, Hughes sees GSP waffling a bit at this fight and is trying to motivate him into thinking he has a good chance. I think his chances are really good but I worry about his confidence. Hughes is trying to build it up.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Matt only says this cos he got his arse handed to him twice by Georges (2 1/2 times even).
    plus he’s a dick, always liked him as a fighter, but as a human been…. wanker


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