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Stephan Bonnar, Dave Herman fail UFC 153 post-fight drug tests

Earlier this week light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar announced his retirement from MMA, signing off after more than a decade of competition including an October loss to pound-for-pound great Anderson Silva at UFC 153. However, even if he’d opted to continue his career it appears Bonnar would have been out of action for a significant period of time after testing positive for steroids following the defeat.

According to MMAJunkie, Bonnar was popped for using Drostanolone. The infraction marks the second time “The American Psycho” has been nailed for PED use, failing a drug test for a similar substance in 2006 after a loss to Forrest Griffin.

It also turns out Bonnar was not the only fighter on the card to show a banned substance in his system, as marijuana metabolites were found in heavyweight Dave Herman’s system. Herman was also nailed for marijuana use in a pre-fight screening before a scheduled bout last year. Like Bonnar, Herman came up short at UFC 153 so the outcome of the match-up will not need to be overturned.

Also worth mentioning, the UFC handled the screenings based on the lack of a regulatory board in Brazil, meaning the organization disclosed the results despite not necessarily needing to.


  • Richard Stabone says:

    No surprise with Bonnar. When it comes to pro fighters, guys who haven’t used PEDs somewhere along the line make up the minority; not the other way around. I have no idea how frequently Bonnar juiced during his career, but he was obviously familiar with what worked for him in the past, and given the fact he had a blockbuster fight to prepare for on short notice, as the swan song for his career, it would have been shocking if he *hadn’t* used a little extra sumpin-sumpin leading up to the fight.

    As for Herman, it’s shocking to hear about another underachiever being unable to stop getting high long enough to pass drug tests.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I remember a while ago people on this site rubbishing me for saying a lot of UFC fighters juice.
    People also rubbish me for saying that fights get fixed too.
    Im right on both counts.
    To think that athletes fix and juice in every other sport their is including MMA but not in the UFC exclusively is beyond stupid.
    Lance armstrong was never caught under stricter testing and M.Jones was never caught under far stricter testing. The guys getting caught are just a small % of users.


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