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Mark Hunt open to fighting Alistair Overeem in early 2013

UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem recently revealed he wanted to fight again as soon as possible rather than wait for a title-shot he’s been promised, leaving the door open to a number of options as far as potential opponents. One competitor who would be more than happy to take on the role is Mark Hunt, a veteran kickboxer riding a three-fight winning streak including knockouts of Ben Rothwell and Cheick Kongo.

Hunt recently volunteered his services while serving as a guest on The MMA Hour, calling for a second shot at Overeem after suffering a submission loss to him in 2008 while under the PRIDE banner.

“I’d like to get a rematch with Alistair Overeem, you know, when he comes back from his injury or from whatever – his hiatus,” said Hunt, alluding to Overeem’s current inability to get licensed for disciplinary reasons. “I’d like to have my rematch with him. I’d be willing to fight next year so it doesn’t matter.”

The 8-6 Hunt hasn’t seen action since February when he plastered Kongo a little more than two minutes into their tilt. The pudgy, 5’10” powerhouse has developed a cult following as of late after opting to complete a contract he’d signed with PRIDE that carried over to the UFC when the organization was purchased by Zuffa instead of having it paid out for nothing.

Overeem is expected to receive clearance to compete again in late December. He was recently forced onto the sidelines after showing an elevated T:E ratio brought on by testosterone use before a bout with champion Junior dos Santos.


  • Creature says:

    Id like to see this, it would be interesting for sure. Dana did say that he would give Hunt a legitimate top tier HW when he came back off injury, so it makes sense.

    Id have to go with Reem by sub again though

  • hindsightufuk says:

    he didnt knock out Ben Rothwell.
    I’m a huge fan of Mark Hunt, his fights against Kohsaka & Nishijima are among my all time favorite mma fights (tho Nishijima was pretty much just boxing), but i dont see this fight ending much different than the first time. unless alistair wants to prove his striking pedigree and test Marks chin, in which case it could get interesting

  • AlphaOmega says:

    He tried to knock out Rothwell but Big Ben wouldn’t go down, but both of them were very gassed by the end of that fight.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    This is dumb. Reem beat Hunt over 4 years ago. Since that time Reem has continued to refine his striking and develop into the demolition man that he is, while Hunt has done nothing to evolve as a fighter. Melvin Manhoef is a hell of a puncher, but if he can KO Hunt as his size, then I’m not particularly excited to see if Overeem can put him down as well. The fight would be a joke…

    1) If Reem wasn’t interested in toying with Hunt he could take things to the ground and sub him again.

    2) Or Reem could alternate between head & body, let Hunt choose which to cover up, and finish things off by attacking the open area.

    Yeah…puncher’s chance….blah blah blah….but these Hunt rumors come up, like him fighting JDS after Reem’s suspension earlier this year, and they’re pretty dumb.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Hunt vs JDS would have been interesting. Hunt vs Overeem not so much.
    JDS tends to stand and bang and I havnt been that impressed with his standup so far.
    The reason being that Roy Nelson and Crocop stood and delivered damage to JDS. Now Crocop may have been good at one stage but at the time he fought JDS he was a shaddow of his former self and Roy Nelson got destroyed by two ground specialists in Werdum and Mir. I feel that JDS is a one trick pony that may come undone pretty soon becuz of his lack of a well rounded game. GSP, Fedor, A.Silva, JBJ and others have a clear plan B, C and even D. Imo JDS only has a clear plan A and thats it. So if plan A is not…well, going to plan, then JDS will struggle big time.
    Overeem is a very good ground fighter is JDS? If he is not I think it may be a very difficult fight for him against Cain.
    Overeem will take Hunt down and sub him imo but it only takes 1 punch.

    Hunt vs Struve
    Hunt vs Big Foot
    Hunt vs Del Rosario
    Hunt vs Browne
    Hunt vs Miosic

    Are all better options.

    I would like to see…

    Barnett vs Mir
    Big Foot vs Struve
    Kharitonov vs Kongo
    Overeem vs JDS
    Valasquez vs Werdum
    Nelson vs Rothwell
    Carwin vs Nog
    Browne vs Del Rosario
    Schuab vs Mitione
    Lavar vs Griggs
    Cormier vs JBJ


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