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Vitor Belfort claims Forrest Griffin turned down chance to fight him

When middleweight Vitor Belfort stepped up to face UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones on short notice the opinion surrounding the move seemed to be that it was a one-time favor from Belfort as a means of helping the organization out in a jam. However, it sounds like “The Phenom” is fine with fighting at 205 pounds again if need be.

In fact, Belfort nearly gave it another go at UFC 155, revealing he was presented as an option for Forrest Griffin along with a few other names after Chael Sonnen was pulled from the December 29 bout.

“Griffin had said he would face any of them except me,” revealed Belfort of the matter in an interview with Caged Insider.

Griffin ultimately went on to agree to a fight with Phil Davis at the UFC’s year-end event.

While Belfort is open to action at light heavyweight, he’s also perfectly content to continue competing in his current divisional home.

“I am here to serve the company,” explained Belfort. “I am adaptable. But I do not have much time left in my career and I want to have great challenges, be in whichever weight it will be. I can make great fights and don’t run from anybody. I’ll be always ready.”

Belfort has recently been linked to a match-up with Michael Bisping in mid-January though the clash has not been made official.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    I dont know about this as Davis is all kinds of problems for Forrest, but at least with Belfort he has a chance to take him down and wear him out. Dont get me wrong i think Forrest would lose to both guys but Belfort seems te easier road.

  • raker says:

    Nah… Vitor is a power puncher and Forrest doesn’t take big shots well. His confidence seems to have been permanently damaged after the Anderson Silva fight too. Davis can wrestle but doesn’t pack the punching power of Belfort. Griffins BJJ game is strong enough that he could cause problems for Davis. Belfort would walk right through him.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    people always used to hype up Forrests ground game, truth is we havent seen it in years, he’s always been happy to close guard and get elbowed in the head instead. seriously, other than being able to stand up covered in blood, when was the last time he tried to do anything of his back.
    also Phil Davis doesnt need to be a power puncher, Tito dropped Forrest, kinda don’t need to finish this sentence.
    I just dont see Forrest have the ability to take punches any more.
    Sounds like i’m ditching him but its just being realistic, been a fan of his fights for years, when he was motivated. but it seems now he doesnt have the motivation or the skill levels or the punch resistance to compete against pretty much anyone

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I agree with the first commenter… both Davis & Vitor would very likely beat Forrest, but I’d give Forrest slightly better odds against Vitor. Though Vitor looked pretty decent against JBJ, I think it’s worth mentioning again that Vitor hasn’t won a fight at 205 in over 5 years. Yeah Forrest would be at risk of the big shot, but if he could manage to avoid it early in the fight I think he’d have a chance to grind on Vitor as the fight wore on. With Davis, I don’t see how Forrest will be able to touch him… Davis might not KO Forrest, but it’ll be a one-sided affair with Davis running circles around Forrest.

    I’m still annoyed they pulled the rug out from the original matchup of Forrest vs. Chael. I respect Forrest but the fact of the matter is he hasnt’ been involved in a fight I really cared about for years now. With so few options available for Forrest that would offer any sort of real intrigue, Chael was one that could have actually worked… Chael wouldn’t have been a threat to hurt Forrest on the feet, it would have been interesting to see how Chael’s wrestling would play against a much larger fighter than he’s been dealing with at MW. It was basically a perfect fit for Chael’s re-introduction to the LHW division, but instead we’ll get to watch him be dominated by Jones, while simultaneously jeopardizing the Jones/Hendo matchup we all want to see. Lame.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Perhaps I should clarify what I meant above when talking about the ridiculous Jones-Sonnen fight jeopardizing the Jones-Hendo fight. I’m not suggesting Chael has any realistic shot at being JBJ (he doesn’t). The risk stems from the the UFC’s misguided decision to have Hendo fight Machida, which could very well knock Hendo out of his title shot.

    Instead of simply putting the UFC 151 fiasco behind them, the UFC continues to make plans based on what transpired during that whole mess. Instead of just moving forward the UFC is further compounding the mess by dicking around with matchups like Jones-Sonnen, a short-sighted money grab that could come back to bite them in the ass if Hendo-Jones falls thru. Also, at the very least this figures to delay a potential Jones-Silva superfight, further chipping away at whatever slim chances exist for that fight to happen.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I’m curious if (when) Machida beats Hendo, if they will still make Hendo/Jones, and ignore the results of the fight. Obviously if Hendo beats Machida its business as usual.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I’m with raker. Before fighting Silva Forrest wold fight almost anyone and never seemed to care who he fought as long as he was fighting. I really think Anderson did permanent mental damage to his psyche. Not like brain damage , but put alot of doubt in his mind and made him over think all his fights.

    Not saying Forrest was ever gonna be greatest or anything , but for a skilled veteran like he is it seems strange that he appears to turn down so many fights. I think Forrest/Vitor would be a good scrap. Slight edge to Vitor, but Forrest can take a punch and has skills to keep it competitive.

    Maybe Forrest should just hang it up since he doesn’t seem to have the will to fight anyone anymore

  • Hinsighfuk- We’ve seen Griffins ground game twice in recent fights and he won both of them. He held Franklin down AND he used his ground game to reverse and bludgeon Tito and land more shots in fifteen seconds than Tito landed in the whole minute he had Forrest on his back.
    Other than Tito Forrest has only fought the cream of the crop recently and to be fair I think everyone is overstating the skills of Phil Davis just because he had a recent great showing against a guy who was making his UFC debut(one eye poke and two minutes in the ring doesnt count as his debut) if we look back against Lil Nog AND Rashad, Phil Davis didnt look spectacular in either fight. Sure he won the LIl Nog fight but he didnt do ANY damage to Rogerio and Rashad beat him from pillar to post with Davis scoring what? A takedown?
    Vitor is a different animal but I too think Forrest could take him down and maul him on the ground. Just because Vitor almost scored a surprise armbar on JBJ doesnt mean his Jits is top notch it meant Jon wasnt paying attention.
    Ive been a forrest fan forever and always will be, people even seem to forget Forrest did take the belt from Rampage AND spent two rounds DOMINATING Rashad before he got tko’d. (when mentioning that Anderson hasnt fought any high level opponents at 205 alot of people seem to forget Forrest was one fight removed from losing his title.)
    Just sayin people have doubted Forrest since he started fighting top tier guys but…

    Shogun:win round 3 by submission
    Rampge: Win by decision
    Rashad: loss tko 3rd round
    Silva: loss ko round 1
    Tito win decision split
    franklin: unanimous dec
    Shogun Loss KO r 1
    Tito win Unanimous dec
    5-3 against the cream of the crop in his last 8….Vitor has fought
    Franklin ko round 1
    Silva Ko loss round 1
    Akiyama ko win round 1
    Johnson sub w round 1
    Bones loss round 4
    That’s 3-2 and all but one win comin against mid tier guys at best.
    Im just saying forrest fights better competition with better results, Vitor beats up a bum in Johnson and a guy on a huge losing streak in Akiyama, and suddenly he’s a world beater again? Come the hell on people, can Vitor get some substantial wins again before people start buying into the UFCs hype that he should be a title contender in 2 divisions?

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Belfort vs Bisping? huh… If it’s for a title contention fight..Bisping loses.

  • MCM says:

    Thank you Superdave!
    I too am tired of people saying Forrest is done and needs to hang it up. Yeah he lost the 2nd Shogun fight, but his wife was in the freaking hospital delivering his first child! Name one man who’s head is in the right place with that happening? And yes he fought Tito a third time, but that was more a favor to the UFC than anything else.
    Taking on Davis still keeps Forrest at the top of the division. Taking on Belfort means absolutely nothing in the LHW division. Vitor hasn’t beaten a top ranked LHW in 8 fucking years, and that win was a fluke accident against Randy. Even Tito was a higher ranked fighter than Vitor.

    People think I’m nuts but if Forrest beats Davis, he’s only 1 top 10 win away from getting another title shot. And as long as his heads in the right place, I think he can do it.


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