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Alistair Overeem would rather fight right away than wait for a title-shot

After a year on the sidelines, UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem is itching to fight again and wants to scratch it with a scrap as soon as possible. While his anxiety about seeing action is understandable after having spent nearly a year on the sidelines, his attitude on the matter is a bit more surprising, as Overeem is apparently willing to forgo a crack at the championship if it means a faster return to the ring.

“In this sport there are many variables, a lot of things are uncertain so if I can choose between waiting for my turn for the title or fight as soon as possible I would choose to fight as soon as possible. I just want to fight,” said Overeem in an interview with MixFight after expressing concern about when the winner of a scheduled bout between Junior dos Santos/Cain Velasquez would actually be available considering their clash is scheduled for December 29.

Overeem also dismissed the notion he didn’t deserve to compete for the belt, addressing criticism from divisional king Dos Santos that the recent exchange of trash-talk between the two was actually the Dutchman’s way of trying to cement his status as top contender with words rather than actions.

“When I signed with the UFC I could have easily gone for the title-shot right away but I chose to fight Brock Lesnar so in no means I’m talking myself into a title shot,” explained Overeem. “If the UFC wants me to fight for the title I’m available and if they decide to let me fight someone else first I’m also fine with that. I’m a fighter and I will get my chance sooner or later.”


  • THEGUNNER says:

    Im pumped to see jds vs reem with the bad blood in the air.

  • trupert says:

    Hmmm, what’s the chances UFC throws together a Overeem vs Struve for #1 contender match? UFC has been slowly grooming Struve but I personally think Struve will never be a dominant champ. Is it time to derail him?….and hey, if he upsets Overeem then that would make me and a whole lot of others into Struve believers.

    At the same time, do DC vs Mir and Barnett vs Hunt on the Jan. SF card. Have those two winners fight in their first UFC fight…unless its a DC vs Barnett rematch.

    and I guess since we’re on the subject, I’d do:
    Carwin/Nelson winner vs Rothwell/Kongo winner (they’d have to first do Rothwell vs Kongo as well)

    and make these matches:
    Browne vs Miocic and Jordan vs Russow. Winners fight each other (pseudo-losers bracket)

    With Werdum and Big’Nog fighting after TUF Brasil2, that leaves Bigfoot and Gonzaga…might as well put those two against each other on the next Brazil card.

  • Mightymark says:

    I want to see Mir vs Barnett, catch vs jits. Then when barnett has finished with Mir he can take on Overoid!

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Gotta like Reem’s attitude, and I don’t doubt he’d truly be willing to take another fight before a title shot, but by the time he can get licensed, JDS & Cain will be fighting. So unless the winner comes away from that fight needing extended time off, they’ll just book the next title fight against Overeem.

    If JDS wins, there’s a better storyline with the drama from their little war of words, but my prediction is Cain wins the rematch and then takes Reem out as well.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    In the meantime, I’d have Struve fight Bigfoot and if Struve can push his win streak to 5, he’d then face someone like Werdum (if he gets by Nog) or Cormier (if he gets by Mir, assuming that fight happens) in a #1 contender bout.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    If Reem doesn’t take a fight before a title fight, he’ll be off for around a yr with no action , not even K-1right? Wonder if that’ll play any part. I highly doubt any SF vs UFC fights are going to happen now, the Mir/Cormier was a one time thing that got scrapped, and now that Showtime pulled a fighter who isn’t a massive draw from the TUF, I doubt the UFC is willing do them a favor, even if it’s round about helping them.


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