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Quinton Jackson: “Forrest don’t want to fight me again because Forrest knows I beat him the first time.”

For the past few months it has seemed as though Quinton Jackson was destined to dance with Glover Teixeira at some point soon before starting the next chapter of his career as a free agent. The two were booked for a bout at UFC 153, and though it ultimately fell apart when “Rampage” went out with an injury, each expressed interest in making sure the match-up was still going to happen.

However, with news that the rising Brazilian star could be out six months based on damage he sustained in his UFC 153 fight with Fabio Maldonado, Jackson has turned his attention to a new target in hopes of avoiding the need to wait for Teixeira to heal up.

“Give me Forrest Griffin. Why they won’t give me Forrest? Why won’t the UFC give me Forrest? I’ll fight Forrest right now. See, the fans think we get to choose who we fight. Who is Forrest fighting right now? I’m calling my manager right now. I told Dana White I would fight Forrest and Glover the same night,” exclaimed Jackson this week to Inside MMA, saying Griffin’s UFC 155 fight with Phil Davis was going to “be a boring fight”.

“This is why I’m leaving the UFC. I don’t understand what (matchmaker) Joe Silva is doing. Joe Silva has a complex. Something’s wrong with him,” continued the former light heavyweight champion. “The guy can’t match shoes. What kind of matchmaker is this guy? What is he thinking?”

“Give me Forrest! Everybody wants that. That would sell. Everybody want to see me and Forrest fight again. Everybody keeps talking about it. Everybody wants to see that but Forrest. Forrest don’t want to fight me again because Forrest knows I beat him the first time. He knows it, the whole world know it. The only people that think Forrest beat me are haters,” he concluded.

The two originally went toe to toe in July 2008 where Griffin scored a somewhat controversial decision win to take Jackson’s UFC title. “Rampage” has been asking for a rematch ever since, though for whatever reasons the organization has opted to avoid granting his wish.

The full segment with Jackson can be seen below:


  • AlphaOmega says:

    So he’s now back to blasting the UFC again, well the whole being positive and not talking bad thing lasted.. Lets also not forget that he’s the one that just called out Glovier after his win, and Dana said ok you want it then its yours.

  • raker says:

    Forrest won that fight hands down. One knockdown for Rampage won’t win a fight.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    personally always thought hat fight was a draw. good fight, though neither guy did enough to claim they won it hands down.
    i dont see Forrest beating anyone any more, one punch and he’s gone these days.
    i’d watch it, rather see Rampage take on Phil Davis though

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Hes right about the match making but wrong about the forrest issue. Id way rather see forrest vs davis bt niether fight makes sense on rankings.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Does Rampage just flip a coin in the morning and let that determine whether he’s going to be a real person or a stupid caricature?

    I was almost ready to ease off slagging the guy, and then he goes and does this again.

    And Forrest beat him. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a legit win. Rampage is just mad that ever since then Joe Rogan has walked around mumbling MORE LEG KICKS under his breath.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Rampage is bi polar, laid up in recovery, bored and has nothing better to do than fire off moronic tweets to keep his name out there.

    Nothing to see here.

  • Creature says:

    LOL who seriously thinks Rampage won that fight..? C’mon Rampage..


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