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Donald Cerrone wants Anthony Pettis in the Octagon but is only willing to wait so long

The back-and-forth banter between UFC lightweights Donald Cerrone and Anthony Pettis has been heated to say the last over the past few months with each man clamoring for a chance to shut the other up. Unfortunately, Pettis suffered a shoulder injury in training and has been sidelined since. Though his recovery is complete, Pettis recently suffered another setback when he contracted a staph infection and was hospitalized as a result.

While Cerrone understands Pettis isn’t to blame for his condition and still wants to clash with him for top contendership, it sounds like the tough-as-nails 155er is itching to fight again and doesn’t know how long he can wait before scratching it.

“Does waiting on him make sense? I don’t know,” reflected Cerrone in a conversation with MMAJunkie after acknowledging a win over Pettis would likely be the fastest way to earn an opportunity at achieving his ultimate goal of becoming champion. “It sucks. I need to get with my management team, and we need to figure out what’s going on. Is Pettis going to be out longer? Do we need to look at somebody else? What is our plan of attack? I don’t even know. If you’re getting surgery on your elbow, how long are you going to be out for you. Are you going to be ready in January? Are you not?”

“We were supposed to go for Denver. No. OK, we’ll be ready in December. January. Now February? March? I understand the guy is hurt, but I’ve got bills to pay, too,” “Cowboy” concluded.

Cerrone even teased the idea of going up in weight if necessary, explaining, “I would never say no to a fight. If Jon Jones calls, I’ll fight him. That’s my teammate. Leonard Garcia at 145, that’s my brother, and I’d fight him. That’s just my attitude toward this sport. You’ve got to get out there, and you’ve got to lay it all on the line.”

The 29-year old Cerrone has won eight of his last night fights including consecutive instances of success against Jeremy Stephens and Melvin Guillard. He holds an overall record of 19-4 with fifteen finishes to his credit.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    be a great fight to see but Donald needs to keep his momentum going, fight Miller or Gray, or Clay or Diego or Edgar or Lauzon or Etim or Alvarez if he comes in, or any other decent fighter that is ready to fight.

    on a side note i just read that Jeff Blatnick has died, Brendan, it’d be nice if you guys put a piece up about him. not telling you how to do your job…
    Jeff was one of my earliest memories in MMA, along with a fat biker dude with a goatie killing people, moustachioed magnum looking guy, daniel larusso looking motherfucker in his jammys and a bunch of bar room brawlers. Jeff brought a sense of officiousness with him, some sensibility in the midst of those crazy nights of fighting. one of the guys who made people think that if he’s involved in this maybe its not all bullshit. Also was very comforting to see his name on a judges panel, you knew no one was getting screwed that night.

  • RicM says:

    Well said about Jeff Blatnick, Hindsight…..hope the UFC does something to honor his memory, he did a lot of good work to help them get to where they are now…..

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i’m not sure how long Jeff was affiliated with the UFC after Zuffa took control, he was ‘commissioner’ of the UFC at one point, but his commentating gig finished up around the same time Zuffa took over. don’t know much past that though

  • Rece Rock says:

    “that’s my brother, and I’d fight him. That’s just my attitude toward this sport. You’ve got to get out there, and you’ve got to lay it all on the line.” – Cerrone

    Now that’s the mindset to have…

    The “Just Bleed” guy inside me let out a primal yell when I read that quote.

  • Creature says:

    Personally id love to see Cerrone mix it up with Pettis, it would be one hell of a fight for sure, but honestly idc who he fights next, ill watch regardless because the man comes to fight every time and people watching are guaranteed an exciting fight

  • Screenplaya says:

    Dana/Joe, get Cowboy a scrap with someone whose name will put Cerrone at #1. We need to see him fight, and he needs to earn his shot.

    Hindsight has given you a good list to choose from. Make ‘er happen.


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