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Rich Franklin no longer looking to prolong his career with TRT

Earlier this year, 38-year old UFC icon Rich Franklin spoke publicly about undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy as a means of allowing him to continue competing at a high level despite the natural effects of aging. At the time, “Ace” appeared open to the idea, going so far as to say he’d even spoken to doctors and the UFC about the possibility.

However, based on the reaction he got from fans after simply hinting at the notion, Franklin has since reconsidered his stance and feels fairly certain he’ll hang his gloves up before crossing the line into TRT territory.

“The public perception of TRT is that it’s cheating. The moment I said I was actually thinking about it, I started getting quite a bit of backlash,” explained Franklin in an interview with ESPN. “More than likely, in my mind, I’ll choose retirement over the necessity of TRT to continue.”

For now Franklin will focus on his immediate future based on his belief he can still hang with the sport’s best without additional testosterone in his system starting with a bout against Cung Le on November 10 at UFC on Fuel 6. The likeable former champion feels a win, coupled with a June victory over Wanderlei Silva, could put him in a position to challenge for contendership in his next fight, though confessed, “That depends on whether they even want to have a Franklin versus Anderson Silva III.”

“I’ve had trouble maintaining ranking in any weight class just because a lot of people don’t know where to put me since I’ve been fighting at catch-weights,” elaborated Franklin on his current status.

Franklin is 3-3 since 2009, though holds an overall record of 29-6 including past triumphs over the likes of Yushin Okami, Matt Hamill, and Chuck Liddell.


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    One night he will wake up screaming having had a dream about the beating Anderson Silva put on him

  • Lord Faust says:

    If by “one night” you mean one night per week, then I agree.

    Jokes aside, Rich is a always classy. I also don’t think it’s really that tough of a decision; looking at all the guys on TRT, the only one with any notable success has been Hendo — arguably the only guy with a legitimate claim to ‘need’ it based on age, wrestling background and history of weight cuts.

    Then there are the guys who opted to stop the treatment, casting even more doubt on an already suspect concept. If taken at face value, someone who needs TRT needs it for life.

    It’s a dirty loophole and good on Rich for opting to not go that route — for now anyway.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Rich is a company man he doesn’t need to be a fighter to stay on payroll, I’m sure they will find something for him to do… What is it that Liddell does again? Because in the begining it was apparent he really did have a zuffa office gig but now not so much.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I am pretty sure Chuck is a VP.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Zuffa needs to let these guys do color commentary on at elast one fight per event, its a waste. and dare i say fucking tedious at times, just having the usual 4. 2 of which (Gold & Anik) could be replaced at the drop of a hat.
    on trt, if you cant perform at the highest level without it then move on to the local shows. you did your best, you cant cut it any more, roll over and let the new guys in. taking a performance assisting substance, however grey area legal, is still taking a performance assisting substance. you cant perform at the highest athletic level without it? welcome to our world, cos 99.999999% of the worlds population cant either.
    i just made that number up in case anyone is wondering, i havent actually done extensive research on the matter at hand. fuck chael sonnen


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