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Georges St-Pierre: “There is nothing that I can’t do now that I was able to do before.”

UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre (22-2) has no illusions about what a good number of fans are expecting to see from him on November 17 when he puts his title on the line against Carlos Condit (28-5) at UFC 154. GSP has been out of action since April 2011 due to a pair of knee injuries including a torn ACL and, as a result, the 31-year old will likely be a bit rusty when the cage door closes.

However, St-Pierre plans to surprise some folks by picking up exactly where he left off as far as competitive ability goes rather than star slow despite the difficulty of having been sidelined for more than a year.

“The hardest part to being out for so long is to be inactive, to be unable to do what you like to do for a living. This will be the biggest challenge of my whole career. I have to fight the toughest opponent I ever fought. I have to come back from a long layoff, a big inactive period of time,” said the focused St-Pierre in an interview with the UFC before adding, “I’m not afraid of Carlos Condit. I hope Condit focuses on targeting my knee. It’s not a weak link anymore. There is nothing that I can’t do now that I was able to do before.”

When it comes to beating Condit to earn a seventh straight title-defense (and tenth consecutive win), “Rush” doesn’t seem to be looking for any specific weaknesses based on his former teammate’s polished skill-set and ability to fight in whatever manner is required to beat an adversary. Condit proved his savvy in February by picking Nick Diaz apart instead of being drawn in to an all-out brawl, earning a decision win and the right to fight St-Pierre in the process.

“The most interesting thing Carlos has is his capacity for adaptation. He can adapt to any opponent he fights. That’s why he’s so good. He’s very skilled but he’s also very smart,” offered St-Pierre on his opponent.


  • Niv says:

    I honestly believe GSP won’t skip a beat and will outclass yet another top level fighter.

    In my opinion GSP has the strongest and most disciplined mind in the sport. He knows exactly how to prepare and has the fortidude and discipline to do what he needs to in order to get the W.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    GSP master of the copy and paste interview.

    He ALWAYS says” toughest opponent yet”
    “very dangerous” “very skilled and smart”

    Why bother to interview him when he always gives boring, generic interviews? You know what he will say cause he always says it.

    Not saying he should mimic Chael Sonnen , but just say something different for once.

    Sure he will beat Condit with the dreaded 5 round snoozefest.

  • See hatter that’s where I disagree. Unlike all of his previous title defenses GSP has had weaknesses in his opponents game to exploit.
    Against Fitch, Shields and Koscheck he used an obvious technical striking advantage. Against Serra and Penn he used his overwhelming size and cardio. With Hardy and Alves it was a gap in grappling credentials that helped Georges retain his belt.
    This time is different. Look at Carlos’s record and tell me which of these he has over The Natural Born Killer? All of the skills mentioned above, Carlos and GSP have debatebly equal skills in every area.
    If Georges stands and strikes, he has to deal with the slick kickboxing, knock out power and hellacious speed and durability that this opponent brings to the table.
    If he takes Carlos down he’s got to deal with armbars, triangles, elbows and the best kimura sweep in the business.
    If it goes into the later rounds, not only does Carlos have the cardio and experience to match, but unlike GSP he has finished multiple people in rounds 3 and 4.
    Im not saying its a lock that we have a new Welterweight champion on November 17th, Im just saying that anyone thinking that GSP has every advantage across the board need to take a look at the accomplishments of Carlos Condit. Now that being said Niv’s right GSP is second to none on finding ways to win and his two losses arent due to mistakes on his behalf, just good skills from the two men that have beaten him. This should be a total war!

  • damn it… “This is Unlike all of his previous title defenses, where GSP has had weaknesses in his opponents game to explot”
    that’s what i mean to type in..

  • Screenplaya says:

    GSP has a huge advantage in wrestling over pretty much everyone in MMA, and I am guessing he will use that to defeat Condit. In that area, there is no comparison between these fighters. If anyone thinks Condit is going to somehow out-wrestle GSP, they need to give their head a shake.

    I am not saying GSP will definitely win. I think ring rust is unavoidable, so Condit might have the best chance anyone has had of beating GSP…apart for Matt Serra, who GSP obviously overlooked.

  • Sumoninja says:

    I know GSP has been out longer and is coming off the injury, but Condit has been sitting for a long time too. I think ring rust is a wash. To me, GSP’s wrestling and strength are GSP’s advantages over Condit. It’s going to be really interesting, as I think both fighters have a crazy ability to stick to a game plan. I see it as a battle of plan and execution, with each of them having a shot.


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