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Roy Nelson has fun at the expense of fellow TUF 16 coach Shane Carwin, UFC President Dana White

Ultimate Fighter 16 coach Roy Nelson has always been outspoken when someone puts a microphone in front of him. At a recent media meet-and-greet promoting the show he not only had some quick witted comments for opposing team-head Shane Carwin and UFC President Dana White, but he also stated that he wants to be the first UFC heavyweight to rally against steroids.

“Maybe the fight is gonna be just like how it is on TV: I coach, he doesn’t,” joked Nelson about Carwin in an interview with MMAfighting.  “I was told ‘Hey guess who is gonna coach against you?’ And I thought it was gonna be Shane Carwin, but instead its Trevor Wittman. So I guess I’m fighting Trevor on December 15.”

Nelson’s relationship with White seems to still be as strange as it ever has been with the former Ultimate Fighter winner explaining, “I think me and Dana are gonna fight. I think I even offered. We’ll handle it like men, like everybody else.”

When asked why he thought White seems to be talking a lot about him, Nelson replied, “I guess I’ve just stolen the thunder from Dana and Dana likes to be the frontman and it’s switching.”

“Big Country” jokingly concluded by referencing a bunch of names White has called him in the past.

“I don’t know, maybe there is a switch of power or something. Dana says he loves me, he hates me, he says it all. I’m confused. And all I want to do is eat because it just puts me in a depression.”

Additionally, the 36-year old said he would really like to play by the same rules everyone else is when it comes to steroids, arguing, “Either I can juice, or you can make everybody not juice. It’s either one or the other. I don’t care really which it is. I just need to know what the rules are so I can play by the rules and make everybody level.”

The mulleted mauler also talked about how he and Carwin would be the first heavyweights to undergo additional drug testing by VADA, but Nelson finished by explaining, “Now that we’re in the business aspect and we’re in the fight business, it’s a dog-eat-dog world and now that my wife is pregnant, now you’re taking money from my kid. Now it’s a business aspect and I just want everyone to be level.

TUF 16 can be seen every Friday on FX with Nelson-Carwin set to clash on December 15 at the season’s finale.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    oh what a card

  • Lord Faust says:

    They have NOT agreed to VADA testing.

    Carwin’s manager recently released a laughter inducing statement questioning the legitimacy of VADA.

    I don’t like Roy’s attitude at all, but I am beginning to side with him simply because Shane’s being a total shifty fuck about testing.

    Dude, look at the video of Shane’s regional fights — dude looked like Galactus for crying out loud! Secondly, he name was verified as being on a list of recipients of steroids from a doctor who was busted for provided said services. Shane never issued a comment about his involvement.

    Now his manager releases a statement undermining VADA, again taking everyone’s eye off the ball.

    Look, Shane, you’re not fooling anyone and Roy’s going to make you look incredibly stupid over this testing issue. Just man up and quit dodging the question.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Big Country is never at a loss for words. I agree with him about level playing field. Either open the door and let everyone do whatever they want or get super strict and test everyone multiple times before a fight.

    Carwin better milk the spotlight as I don’t think he can hang with Nelson much less anyone within title shot range.


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