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Dana White: “If you don’t think I want to see Jones vs. Silva, you’re crazy.”

After yet another dominant performance inside the Octagon, not to mention one at 205 pounds, fans’ focus has turned from Anderson Silva facing welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at a catch-weight to a meeting with light heavyweight king Jon Jones. Even UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan labeled the notion of the two talented fighters never colliding in the cage as a “travesty” shortly after Silva’s win on Saturday night.

Unfortunately, despite outside influences, both Jones and Silva have remained adamant in their opposition to an outing inside the Octagon. In Silva’s case, “The Spider” doesn’t want to infringe on his 205-pound teammates’ title-hopes, while Jones has cited his overwhelming respect for the dynamic Brazilian as a roadblock in a potential rumble.

However, UFC President Dana White has a different take on things and hasn’t given up on the possibility of Silva-Jones turning from fantasy into reality.

“I think Anderson’s one of those guys that loves challenges and I think he will take the Jones fight, not to mention the fact that the money for that fight would be hard for either one of them to turn down,” said White in an interview with Fuel TV after the conclusion of UFC 153 where Silva stopped Stephan Bonnar with strikes in the opening round of action. “If you don’t think I want to see Jones vs. Silva, you’re crazy.”

White also made it clear he’s still intrigued by the thought of Silva also facing GSP at some point down the road but, in his words, “Timing means everything too. We’ve got shows to run. There’s no sitting around, waiting for this or that.”

St-Pierre has said in the past he would need to take a significant chunk of time off to bulk up to be at a point he’d feel comfortable competing at 185 pounds.

Check out the complete interview with White below where he also addresses Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s future in the UFC:


  • raker says:

    It would be a travesty if this fight didn’t happen…. Soon! The ease that Silva has dispatched some very tough 205’ers shows that he is at the elite of that division. Forget GSP…. Bring on JBJ!!!

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I have a good feeling neither GSP vs Silva, or Bones vs Silva will happen.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    If Dana/Zuffa tossed mid to high 6 figures + nice PPV cut and full training camp at both men I think these “friendship” objections will go away.

    There has been rumors of a big Cowboy’s stadium PPV and this would be perfect main event. Put another title fight at any weight class and maybe a no.1 contender match for 185 and 205. Sell 70k seats for the event 750k + PPV buys.

    JBJ v. Spider could easily make those numbers even with a so-so undercard.

    GSP/Silva isn’t likely due to 170 still having several legit contenders and GSP in no hurry to fight someone 25+ pounds bigger than him come fight night.

  • Screenplaya says:

    I think we, the fans, need to help make Bones vs Spider happen.

    All we keyboard warriors need to do is make it very clear that we think Anderson Silva is the uncrowned 205 pound champion. I mean, does anyone really think Jones can defeat Silva now? I can’t imagine how one might hold such a belief after what I just witnessed this weekend.

    They have one common opponent: Bonnar. Jones won 2 out of 3 rounds against him, while Silva one-kneed him into oblivion. Bonnar survived probably the most significant strike that Jones that has ever landed, but he couldn’t take one shot from Silva.

    Let’s make it clear. Silva would walk through Jones.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I realize both guys have expressed their mutual respect and lack of interest in fighting the other. But it all comes down to Silva. If he is willing to stick around at 205, the matchup is right there for the making and it’s not like Jones can say ‘no thanks’ about facing a challenger within his own division. (The only thing that’s thrown things off track a bit is the Hendo injury. If Jones had been able to defeat Hendo in September, the path would have been fully cleared for these two guys to fight each other in the near future, with neither having a compelling challenger on the immediate horizon.)

    As for Silva, I think he *could* be swayed into taking the fight but it’ll take a couple key things: money and pressure/motivation. As Dana mentioned, the money would be there… the negotiation could be very simple, with a minimum base guaranteed pay (say, $2 million) plus a cut of the PPV that could drive it higher depending on the final numbers. Then, and perhaps more importantly, Dana needs to continue to get the fans riled up about Silva fighting JBJ. Silva is a very proud man; the louder the demands become for this fight to happen the harder it will be for him to brush off the question. Turn up the pressure, challenge his competitive spirit, get the man motivated.

    As for who would win, I have no idea. There’s an easy argument to be made for either guy, and it would just be freaking incredible to watch it play out. I will not get my hopes up and pretend this fight is likely to happen, but hopefully between Dana working his magic and the fans being loud of the intershpere, it just might eventually push Silva over that line.


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