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Georges St-Pierre: “I feel like I was reborn and I have the fire again.”

Losing more than eighteen months of his career due to injury was the last thing UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre wanted. However, in retrospect, it seems the break in action may have actually been a good thing for GSP.

St-Pierre will face interim title-holder Carlos Condit next month in the main event at UFC 154 where he’ll look to notch his tenth straight win inside the Octagon. He’ll also enter the Octagon in the best shape of his career, both mentally and physically.

“I’m perfectly healthy right now, and I love it,” said St-Pierre in an interview with MMAJunkie Radio. “(Before the injury) I had a lot of pressure and I over-trained. I think that was the main thing. I fixed all that, and I feel like I was reborn and I have the fire again.”

The 22-2 St-Pierre also admitted he’ll be approaching adversaries differently than he did in the past, a move he feels will pay off with more finishes inside the Octagon instead of the decisions he’s often been associated with in the past.

“I need to be more opportunistic,” explained the 31-year old fan-favorite. “My last fight with Jake Shields is a good example. I tried too much for the knockout with the big right hand. I tried to overcome it and got poked in the eye, and I had a lack of patience. A knockout comes when you don’t expect it to come.”

As such, St-Pierre feels his newfound lack of anxiety to score stoppages will actually produce more of them in the future, as he’ll let action unfold in front of him and react to it rather than press unnecessarily. Then again, considering Condit hasn’t been put away via TKO/submission in more than six years, their November 17 meeting may not be the best barometer of how successful St-Pierre’s strategy actually is.


  • Creature says:

    I seriously hope he means it, and we get to see that absolute killer GSP once was.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I hope he mauls him… and calls out Nick Diaz.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’m glad to hear GSP talk about being fully recovered, and anxious to see him back in action at hopefully close to top form, but I’m a bit skeptical. As the fight draws closer, I’m feeling more like Condit has a real shot at knocking him off.

    First off, I don’t doubt at all that GSP *feels* great. The severe knee injury & subsequent surgery meant a long period of complete inactivity. It had to have been the worse physical condition for him in years, which was probably as draining mentally as it was physically for a relentless workhorse like GSP. So just getting back on his feet, then thru the long rehab process, and eventually to a point where he could finally go full-throttle again had to be an amazing feeling. Regardless of how close to his previous form he actually is, I’m sure he does feel “reborn” and as good as he ever has, given those types of circumstances.

    BUT… the dude has been out of action for a long time. Ring rust will be inevitable. Nobody really knows, GSP included, just how his knee & overall body will perform once he’s back to real competition. And on top of that, he’s that much older… he hadn’t yet turned 30 the last time he defended his belt and will now be 31.5 years old when he faces Condit. Hopefully he’s got several great years left, but he’s been doing this a long time. On the plus side he hasn’t absorbed a ton of damage from his opponents over the years, but he’s still put a lot of wear & tear on his body over the years thru his tireless training, with GSP suggesting in the article above he has over-trained in the past.

    Put it this way: the only other UFC champion on the wrong side of 30 is the immortal Anderson Silva, as GSP will be looking to defend his belt for the first time since hitting 30. Combined with the injury & long layoff, this is a really interesting fight and I won’t be surprised if a new champion is crowned.


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