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Diego Nunes-Bart Palaszewski bout named UFC on FX 5 Fight of the Night

Though the card may have suffered some last-second scratches, UFC on FX 5 still turned out to be one helluva show thanks to a number of exciting efforts and scintillating stoppages. All totaled, 7/10 fights ended before scorecards came into play, sending fans home happy without question.

While it may have been difficult to whittle down a few of the event-specific bonuses, one certainly wasn’t thanks to the back-and-forth battle between featherweights Bart Palaszewski and Diego Nunes. The bout, which Nunes ultimately won by way of decision, was named Fight of the Night and earned each man an extra $40,000 on top of their regularly contracted rate.

Knockout of the Night was awarded to Michael Johnson for his comeback KO of Danny Castillo, proving the Ultimate Fighter finalist is much more than just a grappler. He too netted $40k for the distinction.

Finally, Submission of the Night went to another fighter with history on TUF, as Justin Edwards‘ sub-minute choke of Josh Neer was pegged for the honor. Like the other recipients, Edwards also received $40,000 for his performance.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    i was pretty underwelmed by the main card but the prelims had some fireworks.
    Darren Uyenoyama looked good, been a fan of his since the Hideo Tokoro fight (great watch), deadly ground fighter, thought he should have got the SOTN (but then i’m a Neer fan too).
    Nunes Palaszeski was a nice fight, plenty of action, shame Kenny had his tongue planted firmly in Diegos butt crack which kinda made me want him to lose.
    Jacob Volkmann seems a bit of a dick, probably do well for himself
    Danny Castillo got caught by what is possibly the most innocuous, weakest looking punch in mma history, great fight though.
    i was desperately wishing for Formiga to win his fight so i would have someone other than McCall or Uyenoyama to root for at Flyweight. Dodson and Mighty Mouse just bore me to tears, i can’t stand watching either of them. Also finally reaslied that John Dodson looks like a little gay character from Fame. if he fought in leg warmers and a leotard i may support him.
    jay hieron has become such a conservative fighter, but he is really really good at shaking his arms and touching his nose. in fact he took nose touching to an olympic level. Ellenberger walked that fight.
    by no means a fan of Travis Browne but Bigfoot looked slow at the start of that fight, i think Travis could have picked him apart and put a finish on him if his knee hadnt buckled. gotta feel for a guy to lose his undefeatedness to pretty much an injury.

    awesome nut shot in Bellator if anyone bothered watching it


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