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Dana White plans to lay off Greg Jackson after talk with Jon Jones

When UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones turned down a bout with Chael Sonnen based on the need to prepare more he cited coach Greg Jackson as having played a major role in the decision. The involvement of Jackson, while understandable to most, got under the skin of UFC President Dana White to the point he labeled the renowned trainer as a “weirdo,” “sport killer” and a few other unsavory things in-between.

However, it looks like the outspoken executive will be all smiles from now on when it comes to discussing Jackson after coming to an agreement with Jones during a private conversation prior to the 25-year old’s title-defense at UFC 152.

“So, when I sat down with Jon Jones and we talked, I made a deal with Jon. I’m not going to say anything about Greg Jackson,” said White to a group of media members after UFC on Fuel 5 in a conversation captured by MMAFighting.

Granted, just because White plans on biting his tongue in regards to issues he may have with Jackson it doesn’t mean he feels any differently about the coach’s approach to competition.

“I think you guys know my opinion and how I feel. It hasn’t changed. I’m just not going to talk about Greg Jackson,” admitted White.” It’s good news. I will keep my big mouth shut about Greg Jackson. That’s part of my deal with Jones.”

In addition to his anger at Jackson for telling Jones to turn down the bout with Sonnen, White has also taken aim at the way Jackson’s fighters occasionally play it safe rather than attempt to entertain the fans as well as Jackson’s practice of preaching the concept of “family” in the gym while also trying to make as much money off them as he can.


  • darth_irritable says:

    Awwww…. did widdle Jonny get his feewings hurt?

    Seriously? The man’s negotiating PPV contracts and endorsements, and THIS is what he wants to spend his limited goodwill on?

    I really feel like Jackson does have some unnatural level of hold over Bones.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Classic Dana. He knows he was wrong burying Jones and the most successful fight camp in MMA, so he frames it like this. “I still think he sucks, but I’ll stop saying he sucks”. No contrition; not even a hint that he may have over-stepped; “I am going to keep my mouth shut”.

    This stuff is so routine that I’d be lying if it said it made me mad, but Dana is such a two-faced jackass at times. Even now, he manages to make it seem like someone else’s fault he can’t voice his opinion.

    Oh well, whatever Dana, just keep signing those “…Of the Night” bonus checks for Greg’s fighters, and keep putting them in main events.

  • Angry Mike says:

    The fact that Dana gets mad at Jackson proves that Jackson is doing a very good job on behalf of his fighters. If Dana could steamroll Jackson, he’d either be nice or totally ignore Jackson. Dana loses his cool when he doesn’t get what he wants when he wants it. And give Jones some credit. What kind of man would he be if he sat and listened to White trash his friends without objecting?

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Sounds like “I agree to disagree and leave it alone” No one is right or wrong. Being in a position of power in any large successful business you will run into people who you do not agree with or even like and then you reach a point where no one is going to change so you just decide to just keep it on a business level and not waste breath rehashing same thing over and over.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Hatter, if it were anyone else but Dana, I’d be inclined to agree.

    But let’s be realistic here. The only time I can recall Dana ever admitting he was wrong was when he got taken to task by GLAD for calling someone a “faggot”. That’s it.

    Any other time he’s flown off the handle, buried his employees or their trainers, there has never been an ounce of contrition. “It is what it is” has pretty much been his stance on any of his outbursts.

    This is a man who 1 – gets shockingly mad when his employees don’t fall over themselves to act on his wishes, 2 – has no qualms over disparaging fans, trainers, or anyone else if he decides he’s going to throw a tantrum.

    It’s not really an issue of “agree to disagree” when Dana’s main point is that Greg Jackson is somehow bad for MMA. In Dana’s world, if you don’t drink his Kool-Aid and fall in line like a good little bitch, then you’re the enemy — you end up being cited in press releases with verbiage like “this event will go down as the the one Greg Jackson murdered”. He’ll then do his media circuit and continue to throw the subjects of his ire under the bus.

    Now, we have a situation where — after enough time has passed, and the truth has come out — Dana once again blew a gasket, and was wrong, and Dana plays it off like Jackson’s still a detriment to the sport, but “I’m not going to talk about it” because “I made a deal”.

    Anyone else with a shred of self-assessment skills would realise that they over-stepped; that burying your light heavyweight champion in the media, and constantly trashing the most successful fight camp in MMA is just a bad idea. Dana complains buyrates, ticket sales and ratings aren’t where he wants them, then he goes and pisses in his own pool — while taking every care to announce to the world HEY GUYS I JUST TOOK A STEAMING, ASPARAGUS-STINKING PISS IN THE POOL — he then wonders why fewer and fewer people want to come over and go swimming.

    Dana has done a lot of good things for MMA, but I’m not a drone; I am not blind to his well cultivated micro-manager, short-fuse asshole mindset. Dana doesn’t have to be right all the time; just when it counts. The guy could also use an empathy transplant.


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