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Daniel Cormier wants the best fight possible on November 3

With the news surrounding Strikeforce’s cancellation of a September 29 show dying down it looks like the company can once again focus on finding an opponent for heavyweight Daniel Cormier. Cormier was scheduled to fight Frank Mir on November 3 but was left without an opponent when Mir suffered an injury in training. A number of fighters have since stepped up to volunteer their services though none have been given an official nod.

Cormier spoke some about the situation in a recent interview with ESPN where he made it clear he’s not too picky when it comes to Mir’s replacement though wants an adversary who will elevate his status with a win rather than an easy out.

“Frank Mir was perfect. He made perfect sense. He’d just gotten off a title-shot. He’s a big name; he’s always in title contention. It just made sense,” said Cormier.

“There are guys who want to fight, it’s a big fight. But it’s also a matter of how big a fight they want to get in terms of title-shot implications,” Cormier continued before addressing the possibility of Fabricio Werdum filling in. “If it is Fabricio, it almost becomes a top-contender fight in Strikeforce rather than in the UFC.”

Werdum is 2-0 since returning to the UFC after a fairly successful run in Strikeforce. He was last seen knocking out Mike Russow in the opening round of their June tilt and is considered to be near the front of the UFC’s contendership pack. Still, Cormier is okay with the possibility of Werdum not working out as long as it results in an equally respectable foe.

“The best guy they can actually get for me would be great. It’s a matter of who they can get that makes sense,” the Cormier concluded.

The 10-0 former Olympian is expected to join the UFC roster after the November bout where he’ll likely receive a title-fight if remains unbeaten.



    I honestly think that Cormier can and will beat anyone that is put in the cage with him-the guy has been sleep walking through some of the best he has faced-top shelf wrestling baby!!


    And furthermore-he is calling out Jones for Christ’s sake!!-Can you get any more hard for realsssssssss?

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Multiple “s” shows you mean business.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Werdum makes sense. Nothing booked. Wasn’t his last fight against Big Country and he didn’t take much damage. I know Big Country was wanting this fight too but, to avoid messing up the PPV with Carwin I bet he stays in that fight.

    Werdum woiuld give him a fight and test him on the ground if it went there. I know Cormier is top notch wrestler but until he rolls with someone his equal only in BJJ you cant tell how good he really is.


    Werdum is most likely going to get the call-But my fantasy pick would be Fedor-Hopefully we don’t get Tim Sylvia

  • Rece Rock says:

    With Showtime pulling the plug on the last show and Zuffa being left to payout the fighter salaries I wouldn’t be surprised if Zuffa is a bit butt hurt & just sticks any old HW in there just to satisfy DC’s contract and get him the hell outta there unscathed and start milking that cash cow on ppv.


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