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Pat Healy: “I’m more devastated than you can imagine.”

Less than an hour after the press release went out saying Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Healy had been cancelled, Gilbert Melendez took to Twitter to apologize to his fans and followers. The social networking outlet has also allowed Pat Healy to talk about the situation where he made it clear he harbored no ill will towards “El Nino”.

“Melendez is a class act, hit me up and apologized last night. Everyone’s upset but that’s not where the blame should go,” Healy posted. Minutes later Healy commented on how hard he has been taking the news, “Sorry everyone I just found out. I’m more devastated than you can imagine.”

Healy (28-16) has fought for Strikeforce six times and has only dropped one fight to former lightweight champion Josh Thomson. Interestingly enough, Thomson was also on the since-scrapped lineup and was willing to face Healy if called upon, even if in an interim-title situation next month at the November 3 event in Oklahoma City.

Strikeforce has not commented on the possibility of this fight and has not spoken any further on the cancellation since their initial statements meaning it is still unknown how the affected fighters will be handled.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    i feel for the guy, its an opportunity that may not come around again the way events conspire.
    i hope he can get himself with a decent promotion to fight regularly. I’d like to see him match up with some Bellator guys, but he could easily compete in the UFC against some of the top guys as well

  • Rece Rock says:

    There has to be a way for Showtime & Zuffa to revamp there relationship/ contracts to allow the cross over of talent and to allow Zuffa more production influence. If both rosters could just simply crossover when the match making makes sense this would be a win/ win. I do not understand how such a big cable network and the biggest promotion in the sport can let strikeforce continue in a matter that’s counterproductive and stagnant. Contracts are re worked and re vamped every day in big business but both parties have to want to come to the table to compromise for a commmon goal.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I almost wonder if there’s not something stopping them from doing a cross promoting and re vamping. Only once were they going to do a cross promotion and that was mir vs cormier, and now its not happening, and Lorenzo made a point to say it would be the only time.


    Just another corporation(SHOWTIME)effing up everything while worshipping that dollar bill


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