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Brian Stann: “I’m not here to lay down. I’m not here to put on a good fight. I’m here to win.”

Both times UFC middleweights Brian Stann and Michael Bisping have faced off this week leading up to their fight tonight at UFC 152 the exchange has resulted in fireworks. Come showtime Stann expects the same to be true, acknowledging he and Bisping both have an overwhelming desire to be the division’s top dog and aren’t interested in serving as a stepping stone for the other.

“We both want to deliver…we want to be the best, both of us. We want to be champions and we know we’ve gotta beat one another to do that,” explained Stann in an interview with Fuel TV’s coverage of the card’s weigh-ins.

While a good percentage of fans believe Stann will land a knockout blow against Bisping inside the Octagon, an even larger group seems to feel as though the Brit’s polished striking and all-around game will be too much for his “All-American” adversary. Stann, obviously, disagrees with the notion and is excited about proving part of the population wrong in this evening’s affair.

“I’m not here to lay down. I’m not here to put on a good fight. I’m here to win,” said an animated Stann. “I don’t care how many people are saying the odds are against me, I don’t have the skill-set…whatever. None of that matters when the cage door closes. I’m ready to fight. I’ve worked on everything and I’ll show everybody my skill-set (in the bout).”

Check out the complete interview with Stann below:


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I think Bisping is more talented fighter with more experience , but Stann can put anyone in the division to sleep if he catches you right.

    Still think it is Bispings fight to lose. I don’t expect anything for the highlight reel , but expect Bisping to outwork Stann and take the UD.

  • raker says:

    Considering Stann’s military background and his allegiance to Jackson’s MMA, I’ve always been surprised that he hasn’t been more of a tactition in the ring. He can throw bombs but I’d like to see some signs of an improving and more varying skill set.

  • raker says:

    Love the guy though… A true class act and one of my favorite fighters. I hope he wins a title one day.

  • BiG BaD BuLL says:

    i agree with raker. I love Stann, but had to go with Bisbing in this fight…Stann needs to take off 3 to 5 months, and devote it soley to his ground work. He’s gotten better, but there is still a huge hole there.


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