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Michael Bisping: “I think Stann’s chin is a lot more suspect than mine.”

UFC middleweight Michael Bisping has stepped into the cage 26 times in his career and only been finished once. However, he rarely gets credit for his overall skillset or durability.

The 33-year old Brit hopes to change that perception on September 22 when he faces Brian Stann at UFC 152, a striker by trade with a reputation for throwing bombs in the Octagon. Bisping recently offered up his thoughts on the match-up where he made it clear he plans to make a statement come showtime later this month.

“Stann has said he ‘wants to test my chin’. A nice line from Captain Cliché there but, you know what, of course he does. He’s a big puncher and his only chance of winning this is landing some bombs and knocking me out,” wrote Bisping in a blog for Yahoo Sports.

“But I’m going to test his chin, too, and I’m a lot faster and more accurate than he is,” he continued. “To be honest, I have a boatload more strikes available to me and I think Stann’s chin is a lot more suspect than mine. Getting beat by Dan Henderson, who’s knocked out some of the best fighters in the world from welterweight to heavyweight, isn’t that disgraceful – especially when you consider Stann was stopped by Steve Cantwell.”

Though Bisping feels he stacks up well against Stann he’s not entering their bout in an overconfident manner considering the stakes involved.

“I’m not underestimating this guy – he’s one of the best fighters in the division, and I know he’s going to look to knock my head off with every shot,” admitted Bisping before again turning to his own credentials in comparison to Stann’s. “But I think I’m half a step-up in all the key skills: striking, submissions and wrestling. This is my fight to lose – he can’t win the fight unless I make a mistake and give him a chance to. And being so close to a title shot, I’m not going to make mistakes. I’m taking this guy out.”

Bisping had won four fights in a row before suffering a decision loss to Chael Sonnen in January, while Stann scored a knockout of Alessio Sakara earlier this year to bounce back from a submission loss in his previous pairing. Both men have been rumored to be among the names the UFC is considering for top contendership in the division.


  • I really like this fight alot. Its a test of Stann’s huge power vs Bisping’s speed accuracy and overwhelming pace. Stann is going to fight this one coming forward with his chin tucked and looking to throw his quick one two or his three two and try to use that obvious weakness for a right hand that Bisping seems to have while Bisping is going to throw a shit ton of leg kicks and peppering strikes all the while moving around.
    Either one of these guys has a great chance to win this, but I have to go with The Count. Proud American I may be, I also think Bisping has payed his dues in the fight game alot more, fighting better competition, and coming up slowly. I like both these guys and feel this is a real FOTN contender right behind Mighty Mouse vs. Joe B.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I like Bisping here for sure, Stann hasnt really showed he could hang with the top guys yet and Bisping has. Bisping will just be to much. I do not see it getting FOTN over Johnson vs Benevidas but it is still a fight I am looking forward to watching.

  • raker says:

    Bisping is right. I like Stann a lot but this is Bispings fight to lose.

  • MCM says:

    If Bisping wins, this will be his first win over a top 10 opponent…ever. Considering how skilled the man is, that’s just crazy that he’s never beaten anyone of rank in his career. I too think this is his fight to lose, but considering the fact that Bispings only losses are the only times he’s faced top guys, I’m not calling this fight a lock for The Count.

  • raker says:

    That’s a great point. I had never really considered the lack of top tier talent that Bisping has faced. His biggest win was over Matt Hamill which was a very controversial decision.

  • beef says:

    Bisping: “This is my fight to lose – he can’t win the fight unless I make a mistake and give him a chance to. And being so close to a title shot, I’m not going to make mistakes. I’m taking this guy out.”

    Translation: “I will spend 15 minutes backing away while peppering him with quick jabs and leg kicks. Wherever possible, I will avoid engagement and keep my distance. I will neither commit (what power I have) to the strikes nor will I follow through unless I’m 100% certain he can’t counter. I hope this fight goes the same way that my fight with Matt Hamill did. Greg Jackson is my idol… (mutters to self) circle right… circle right… circle right…”

    FotN? Hahaha. This will be a snoozefest if Bisping has his way.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Neither Bisping nor Stann really has a signature win on his resume. It’s not that uncommon though for guys without top-10 wins to still make their way inside the top-5 of their division. Mark Munoz did it at MW before Weidman steamrolled him. Nick Diaz has done it at WW (and remains there despite losing to Condit). So Bisping falls somewhere in that range… tough opponent, deserving to have a place among the top-10, but a bit unproven in terms of being a legit #1 contender.

    But Stann is even less proven, and a rung below Bisping IMO, so I agree with the general consenus here that Bisping is a clear favorite in this matchup but hopefully it’ll be an action-packed fight.

  • Creature says:

    I see Bisping pulling out his Chris Leben game plan, while Stann is going to try and emulate Hendo. I for one think Stann is going to pull this off but who hell knows these days

  • moosebaby02 says:

    thats some funny shit beef

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I too have to give an edge to Bisping. He can be cocky and brash, but I have always liked him. His stint on TUF as a coach with Hendo made him look like a bit of a jerk, but I think some of it was editing and some of it was Hendo was a bit plain and uninteresting.

    Either way Bisping appears to be a more complete fighter and I see him getting his hand raised at end of the night. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him try for some submissions and possibly even win that way.


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