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Jon Jones admits he was hurt by Dana White’s criticism, vows to beat Chael Sonnen “silly”

There have been countless pages written in the past week-and-a-half pertaining to UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones’ refusal to face Chael Sonnen at UFC 151 on short notice and the subsequent domino effect of his decision. However, Jones has finally opted to give an in-depth interview on the matter where he addressed every imaginable topic including his reaction to being blasted by UFC President Dana White and much more.

According to Jones, he was under the impression he had a good relationship with White on even a personal level before being thrown under the bus as a scapegoat for the card being cancelled.

“It really hurt…I don’t complain about money, I do what I’m told. I’m the champion who fights way more than any other champion,” said a disappointed Jones in an interview with The MMA Hour. “I just thought I meant a lot more to him. I really did. I didn’t really look at him like a boss. I looked at him like a friend, like a business partner. I thought I meant a lot to the UFC and they made me feel like a piece of meat.”

“It’s just good to see where I stand with him. There’s no need to have any type of fake relationship in the future. I’m gonna try and do my best for the UFC but it’s good to see what I mean to him,” Jones continued, also revealing the two haven’t spoken since the incident.

As far as the fury he received from fellow fighters, Jones made it clear the finger of blame should be pointed elsewhere since he’s not a UFC executive.

“UFC is known for having beautiful fight cards, from top to bottom…even the undercard. Why wasn’t that the case,” asked Jones rhetorically. “I love MMA on all levels. So for all the fighters who are pissed at me…don’t be pissed at me, I wasn’t the one who basically said you weren’t good enough to PPV.”

Jones also elaborated that he doesn’t actually care about what outsiders think about him so long as he, his family, and his teammates are okay with how he’s handling things.

“My job is not to be popular amongst fighters. The fighters don’t pay my paychecks. The fighters aren’t buying Jon ‘Bones’ Jones T-Shirts. That’s not my job to take care of fighters,” the 25-year old explained. “I could really care less if any fighter in the UFC likes me or not. My job is to go there, show up once or twice, three times a year, and do my job and go back home.”

With a fight against Vitor Belfort currently scheduled for September 22, Jones has turned his focus towards the bout and attempted to move on from the mess surrounding UFC 151. While he doesn’t necessarily feel Belfort should be on the receiving end of a title-shot, his appreciation for the Brazilian’s past accomplishments has him excited about the upcoming clash.

“No, I don’t think he necessarily deserves one but I’m honored to fight him. He’s a great guy, a hard working guy…I respect Vitor Belfort a lot. I’m honored to fight him. I think he’s definitely a worthy opponent,” said Jones.

“I’m not disappointed,” Jones added when asked if he’d hoped he would see Sonnen in the Octagon instead of Belfort after being publicly insulted a number of times by the silver-tongued scrapper. “Chael will get his time and when his time comes, I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna beat that man silly. I really will. I really will.”


  • Sumoninja says:

    Meh. The horse is dead. UFC and Jones both take some blame and a popularity hit. I’d like to see some fights now please.

  • Niv says:

    I’ve been on Jones side since the beginning of this mess and agree with everything he said here.

    Haters will hate but the problem lies directly with Dana White and the UFC.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I agree with a lot of what Jones said, I also think Jones’ should of taken the fight as well, but I think Jones is making it worse by talking to the media. It was finally starting to fade away and now it’s back in everyone’s minds. I think he needs to go under the radar until his next fight happens, that way people can forget anything about 151.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’ve been on Jones’ side thru the UFC 151 mess, but his comments & overall attitude towards Dana White continue to reveal his naive & overly sensitive mindset.

    As long as you’re helping Dana (and the UFC) make money, he’ll be your best friend in the world. But as soon as you cross him (justified or not), he’ll stab you in the back. He’s shown this type of behavior time & time again, so to be surprised by his actions is pretty naive on Jones’ part. Dana has done a lot of good stuff for the sport, but there will always be the slimey promoter side of him.

    Jones needs to just keep doing his thing, and stop trying to figure out the *right* thing to say in response to the haters, or how to appease the masses. The majority of fans buy into Dana White’s garbage; no use trying to fight that battle. Just use it as motivation or try to block it out entirely.

    At the end of the day, as long as it doesn’t affect him too much personally, I think this whole thing will help Jones’ career & drawing power. He’s been virtually unchallenged while dominating the division up to this point, to the point it’s become anti-climactic, and combined with his boring personality outside the cage makes him a less exciting draw than his accomplishments & status in the sport might otherwise suggest. But all of a sudden he’s become the focal point of the entire MMA world, which I think will help him out on the business side of the ledger (and the UFC as well). Sure he’d prefer to be liked but–good, bad or in between–fans in general care a lot more about Jon Jones now than they did a few weeks ago, and in the entertainment business of the UFC that makes a big difference.

  • raker says:

    “My job is to go there, show up once or twice, three times a year, and do my job and go back home.”

    Exactly why he should have fought Sonnen.

    I do sympathize with him regarding his relationship with Dana. There’s no doubt that could have been handled better.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    “i dont think he deserves on but im honored to fight him” sonnen doesnt deserve one why not fight him. Jones needs to fight on sat keep the talk with joe rogan short and lay low at the post press until after his next fight. Hes giving sonnen ammo.

  • darth_irritable says:

    “Each Coach said right away no doubt we can win this fight. “.

    You should definitiely listen to the interview. Sometimes he sounds really reasonable, and other times, like a petulant child with an megalomaniac complex.

    I particularly liked how he described the value he brings in teaching “young fighters”. Dude – you were in 3rd grade when Vitor won his first title.

    Really interesting, like I said. He has lots of reasonable points, then blows it with a douche remark. The best coaching Jackson could do is to keep him off the mike.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    When Hendo finally informed the UFC of his injury, and the UFC contacted Jones about the potential Chael fight, it doesn’t sound like there was any sort of negotiation process. Just the typically rigid UFC approach of, “We need you to fight Chael instead…are you gonna do it, or are you gonna do it?”

    So when that didn’t work, DW threw a hissy fit and ended up having to pull the plug on the entire operation. How many millions did they lose in the whole fiasco? It had to be several millions of dollars just from the immediately tangible stuff, plus who knows what the ramifications will ultimately be with sponsorship deals, etc. moving forward after that sort of clusterf*ck.

    If the UFC, understanding the drastic nature of the overall circumstances, had been less rigid and willing to re-work a deal with Jones, I think things could have been worked out. Anyone think Jones would have turned down the opportunity to beat up Chael if the UFC had guaranteed him a $5 million payday? Or how about $7.5M if the first offer didn’t work? Surely that would have been less of a financial hit than killing the whole thing, right? So why not do it??

    Well, that’s just not how the UFC operates. They continue to believe the fighters owe them everything, and generally speaking the fans seem to buy right into that idea. Uncle Dana is just trying to put on fight cards to entertain us fans, the fighters should appreciate what they get paid, and when things go wrong it’s the damn fighters screwing it up… whether injuries or refusing to accept fights on short notice or whatever the next scenario might be. And sensing this pressure, the other fighters mostly fall in line, and basically jump at whatever opportunity DW & Co. throws at them. The guys who aren’t at the top of the UFC are getting paid shit, relative to how big the sport & its revenue has become, so they pretty much *have* to have that mindset. When Dana says, “Jump!” the typical response is “How f*cking high?!”

    But when a guy like Jones Jones, who’s sitting at the top of the heap & enjoying his fat share of the fruits of his labor, starts thinking for himself & in his own career, even at the expense of the UFC’s business, that starts to threaten the balance of power the UFC currently enjoys. Look what happened to UFC 151… DW would like us to believe that Jon Jones alone “murdered” that entire event because of his unwillingness to put the interests of the UFC ahead of his own. This is not some isolated event… it goes way beyond UFC 151 and is a threat to the foundation of how the UFC conducts its business with fighters/salaries/etc.

    So when DW threw Jones under the bus, my initial thought was DW had simply gotten lost in a fit of rage again… but I wasn’t giving him enough credit as I now think there was a clear motive behind his actions. Jon Jones dared to challenge the UFC’s stronghold over its fighters, and DW will be damned if he’s gonna let that happen. So he yells & curses & shakes his fist, and the fans eat it right up. Blame the fighter!! And then the other fighters (mostly) fall right in line as well. Took me a while to realize what he was doing, but DW (and the rest of the UFC brass) didn’t build this thing to where it’s at by being dummies. They did it by being smart & ruthless, and they’ve had several successful conquests along the way. The wild thing about this latest ordeal is the person in their crosshairs is the champion of their LHW division and new Nike frontman for MMA. If Jones wasnt in the position he’s in he’f have been Fitch’d. But this time it’s more of a battle of titans, who make each other lots of $$, so this thing will have to be squashed, but I’m curious how it’ll continue to play out from a PR standpoint.

  • jasonah says:

    Well I look at this way, Jon Jones has been acting like a princess lately. and he has Dudes Foaming At the mouth to fight this guy. I will bet that one of these guy’s that is willing to go up in weight or go down to LHW will K.T.F.O This guy Before The END of 2013. It must Suck to Have too have that many dudes that want to Kick ur Ass 4 a Million dollars. That is not a Good place to Be!!!!!

  • Screenplaya says:

    Once again, Jones is just about 100% right. All of the blame needs to go to UFC execs, obviously. He didn’t make the card, he didn’t sign to fight all comers.

    It is too bad that he can’t quite seem to express himself without seeming like a bit of a d-bag, because that is clearly coloring how otherwise rational people are reacting. It is the most obvious thing in the world that it was DW who scewed up here.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    MY GOD
    K I guess im one of the few people who can read between the lines.
    Now Mr. Jones has the right to do whatever “HE” thinks is right no matter how much he keeps contradicting himself but like I said before his decision was made on pure SPITE. He can say what ever he wants and twist it all ways he can but this all has to do with SPITE. That’s just common sense people.
    The UFC served him up an easy win for the taken. 8 days notice with a FULL CAMP against a badly out of shape, completely out of his league under sized fighter. A fighter who has been calling him out and a fighter that everyone wanted to see him destroy (well I did) and he turned it down cause he’ll be damned Sonnen talk his way into a title fight with him cause he dosent deserve it considering he wasn’t the UFC’s first choice. He keeps on saying that taken a fight with someone as dangerous as Sonnen on such shot notice wouldnt be smart but he was willing to fight Machida and Shogun on the same notice???? Are those two not more dangerous then Sonnen??? Then I read last night that the fact that Sonnen comments about Brazil was another factor in him turning down the fight. WTF does that have to do with Jones on a personal level (he keeps on reaching)? He goes on how he felt a kinship/partnership with Dana and the UFC and he’s a business man but turns his back on a company who not only sponors him but also a HUGE business opportunity??? If he really dosent care what people think of him or how he conducts himself then whats with all the response’s to the people who bash him on twitter or when other fighters are bashing him??? Just shut up then and go about your business right??
    Contradiction over and over with this guy and from my past experience when someone is doing that over a certain subject then there is a little shame involved.
    Now Mr. Jones can do or make any decisions he wants but sorry making those decision on SPITE is not professional. If you dont get that well you never will. Dont get me wrong there is many people to blame with this whole gong show (Dana, Zuffa, Henderson, and everyone on the card who also got hurt causing the card to get weaker) but the end of the day you have to put most of this on Jones.

    cut and paste time sorry
    At the end of the day its all bout the all mighty dollar and its not like Uncle Dana and the boys are just throwing it around just for our entertainment. It has to come from somewhere???? With dumb ass people like me Mr Jones wouldnt have a Bentley to be driving around to be smashing into things (sorry had to add that one in there). Excuse me for being a paying customer expecting results! How dear I be one of the fools who bought the PPV so I could watch Mr Jones get HIS TITLE SHOT ON SHORT NOTICE and win. And for all you “SMART” people who think that he dosent have to take responsibilities for a whole card being shut down when ANYONE WITH COMMON SENSE knows that the only reason he turned down a fight on short notice with a fighter who is clearly no where in his class all cause of EGO and SPITE then those people need to go watch Mayweather Jr and boxing. Thats what it comes down to people. SPITE. And when DIVAS start making decisions on the back of SPITE while living off mine and all the other dumb ass’s hard earned money, well thats when my money and everyone who feels the same way says FUCK YOU right back. And from all the negative feed back its allot.
    So try as hard as you want Jones to fool the people like me who dont live in the world of black and white but in the middle part were we can read between the lines. You have shown your true colors which is the colors of a spoiled little brat who just dosent get it. Marketing 101
    Thats were Dana was coming from when he went off like he did. He seen it before in boxing. You dont bite the hand that is OVERFEEDING you

    (I know I posted this before but I dont know how else to explain it any clearer)


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