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Daniel Cormier: “Right now no one wants to fight Jon Jones, but sh*t, I’ll do it.”

With the recent talk about fighters like Mauricio Rua and Lyoto Machida turning down title-shots based on a lack of preparation time, unbeaten Strikeforce heavyweight Daniel Cormier has inserted himself into the conversation with a somewhat surprising admission. While he’s currently booked for a bout against Frank Mir in the coming months, Cormier appears open to competing at 205 pounds when he joins the UFC roster as long as it means a date with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

“Right now no one wants to fight Jon Jones, but sh*t, I’ll do it. I’ll fight Jon Jones,” said Cormier in an interview with where he added, “Guys are turning down the fight; you have to go to an old school fighter like Vitor Belfort to step up to the plate. That’s no knock on Machida or ‘Shogun’, but if those guys want to coach on The Ultimate Fighter and move off to the side and let me fight Jones, I’ll do it. If no one wants the title shot then give it to Daniel.”

Cormier is only 5’11” and has said in the past he could make the light heavyweight limit by changing his diet/training route.

On the topic of passing on pairings, Cormier also stated he was surprised Jones declined to duke it out with Chael Sonnen, explaining, “There are a lot of reasons why he should have taken the fight, but the main one is he could have beaten 98% of the guys in the world on eight days notice.”

No date has been officially announced for Cormier’s clash with Mir though it is rumored to be taking place in October or November.


  • MCM says:

    This is a fight I’ve been hearing some buzz about. Nice to hear DC admit that he’d take the shot if offered. I personally think that after the Mir fight, he’s gonna drop down to LHW anyway. I think part of the reason he stayed at HW was because there is not LHW division in SF. At least not one to speak of. I also don’t think he wants to hear the talk of him fighting Cain when he finally moves to the UFC. AKA went through all that with Fitch/Kos and I don’t think they want to deal with it again.
    I’d give DC a 40% chance of beating Jones. He’s easily got as much power as Hendo, better takedowns than Chael, and a chin like Lytle. The only reason I’d give Jones a 60% chance is because he’s looked practically unbeatable in his career and (whether we like him or not) he’s got Greg Jackson building his game plans.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Another guy that’s not close to title contention in the LHW division expressing interest in an immediate title shot. Wow, how noble & courageous!! The guys with nothing to risk are so much more courageous than the guys who have worked hard to establish their spot in the divisional hierarchy; funny how that works.

    And Cormier is a 240 pound dude. So he’s gonna drop 35 lbs and then step inside the cage with Jon Jones? Heh, OK. Book it for late 2013, Danno!

    I like Daniel. I think he’ll handle Mir relatively easily, and who knows how far he can go from there. But I’m sick of this Jon Jones stuff and people continuing to talk out of their assholes.

  • raker says:


    Just who is ready and willing to step up to the plate against Jones at 205? Rua? No! Machida? No! Hendo? Hurt! Rampage? Been there done that! Rashad? Nope! Sonnen? We know how that went down. No where else to look other than MW or HW at the moment.

    Cormier is a legit contender for LHW as long as he cuts some weight. Why not? The UFC is its own organization free of the BS that has handicapped boxing for so long. No Mayweather-Pacquiao bullshit here. We want exciting fights not Jones vs. some tin can that is outside the top 10 LHW’s.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Well the main thing here is that guys who are nowhere near a title shot, let alone holding a belt, are the ones we keep hearing about being so damn courageous to step up and face the champion.

    Wow, a guy is willing to take a free title shot & big payday he was otherwise not close to? Very impressive.

    Back to Cormier, I like the guy & I’m very interested to see how well he can do in the UFC. But he’s a freaking heavyweight. Yeah, he’s a tweener but still… to get to 205 he’d have to drop 15% of his body weight. So all of a sudden he makes a comment and people are lumping him & Jon Jones together?
    OK great, let DC drop 15% of his body weight and then try to fight Jon Jones.

    The weight drop is masssive and DC has one win in the UFC, with none at LHW. Other than that, this matchup is awesome and Cormier should get huge props for opening his mouth about it.

  • MickeyC says:

    DC dropping the 35LBs to fight at LHW will not be that tough. I’m sure at the start of his training camp JBJ is near that himself. I think if SF’s LHW divison had not been such a bucket of shit we would have see DC there already. Further more. I would rather se DC coming of a long streak, Barnett, Silva, Monson winning the HW grand prix(even in SF) fighting Jones rather than Vitor coming off two wins aginst Johnson and Akiyama. Neither Johnson or Akiyama were top 10 in the UFC, where as Barnett and Silva were top 10 HWs in either org.

  • Niv says:

    I actually love the matchup and would put my money on Cormier for the win. I have always liked him, now after I’ve seen his progression and how he beat a world class HW like Barnett with relative ease, I’d think JBJ would have found his kryptonite here.

  • MCM says:

    Machida, Shogun, and Gustafsson all said they would take the fight, but only after a full training camp (which makes perfect sense). Hendo still wants that fight too, so it’s not that there aren’t any any LHW willing to fight JJ.
    But saying that Cormier isn’t close to deserving a title shot is ridiculous. As of right now he’s undefeated. If he gets by Mir, he’ll have beaten 3 top 10ers in a row. He’s also a legit top 10er in the HW division now. Now I know you don’t think divisional success should matter, but the fact is it does in MMA. BJ Penn, Frankie Edgar, Nate Marquardt all received title shots without ever having fought in the division before. Damian Mai, Kenny Florian, and Diego Sanchez all received top 10ers when they switched divisions. With Cormiers resume, if he moves down to 205, he has as much (if not more) of a claim to a championship fight than some of the other “contenders”.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    OK, you guys let me know when DC drops 35 lbs and is scheduled to face Jon Jones.


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