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Alan Belcher: “I don’t really care about the #1 contender spot or anything like that right now.”

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for UFC middleweight Alan Belcher. First, he learned a scheduled fight with Vitor Belfort had been scratched in order to allow “The Phenom” to face Jon Jones at UFC 152. However, what would have normally been bad news ultimately worked out well in the sense Belcher injured his back while training for the bout and needed some time off to heal. Then, Belcher mentioned a potential match-up with Chris Weidman in November to help sort out the division but was rejected by the unbeaten contender who instead wanted an opponent with more name value. And, were that not enough, a major storm blew through his proverbial backyard of the Gulf Coast.

Now it seems Belcher simply wants to heal up, refine his game, and let the future play out on its own, as the 28-year old updated fans on his status in a recent video blog and made it clear getting well is his primary goal at the moment.

“I don’t really care about the #1 contender spot or anything like that right now. Right now I’m just focused on getting better and getting my back better. After that we’ll figure it out,” explained Belcher. “There (are) only a couple of (options) so I don’t feel like there’s any reason to talk smack or anything.”

Fortunately, the Mississippi native is already healthy enough to have resumed training after dealing with a minor break to weather Hurricane Isaac.

“I missed a couple of days but I needed to take some time off for my back anyways, so I’m back in here feeling a little bet better. Just doing some light training, trying to take it easy and get my strength back,” said Belcher. “Everything’s looking pretty good right now.”

When he does eventually return to the ring “The Talent” should be in line for one of the top 185ers on the UFC roster given his recent success. The 18-6 Belcher has won his last four fights including finishes in the entire lot.

Check out the full vlog from Belcher below:


  • Creature says:

    Alan deserves at least a top 5 guy, its a shame he is always getting overlooked by fans and his fellow fighters. If there is a “dark horse” in the 185 division id say its him.

  • Screenplaya says:

    I think Weidman/Belcher makes a ton of sense. They are the two guys near the top with the most question marks and the least marketablility. The winner, I think, would clear up both of those.


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