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Joe Lauzon planning to stand and strike with Gray Maynard

The last time UFC lightweight Gray Maynard took to the Octagon he was forced to deal with an opponent who wasn’t willing to engage, opting to circle and pick up points rather than risk the possibility of being finished. However, that shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to his December dance with Joe Lauzon.

Lauzon has scored a stoppage in each of the 22 tilts he’s won while only seeing the scorecards a single time during the seven fights he’s fallen in. He’s also brought home more bonuses than he can count using both hands.

The 28-year old Massachusetts native was recently asked by CagePotato about his match with Maynard and, as might be expected, he predicted the two would deliver an entertaining effort come showtime.

“Gray is a monster. He’s only lost to Frankie (Edgar). He’s super tough,” said Lauzon of his opponent adding, “Me beating Gray would make a big statement because he’s smashed everyone except for the champ at the time. Even in those fights he had the champ hurt badly at times.”

When it comes to the actual approach he sees Maynard taking against him, Lauzon shrugged off the idea of “The Bully” looking to grind him out as has been the case against past adversaries he’s faced.

“I really don’t think Gray wants to take me down and sit in my guard. I think I’m a little bit too crafty off of my back, too quick with submissions and sweeps,” explained Lauzon. “He will probably want to stand and box. It is probably going to be a kickboxing match and, though I’ve got to be careful, I can do well there. I’ve gotta bring it to him.”

“J-Lau” concluded the conversation by also admitting he can’t absorb the number of punches he ate in his last fight – a submission win over Jamie Varner – based on Maynard’s power but expressed confidence in his own growth as a striker.

The two talented TUF alums are expected to meet on December 29 at UFC 155.


  • Creature says:

    This should be a fun fight, I have Maynard taking the win via UD

  • Dufresne says:

    I think Lauzon has the more technical boxing and because of that I think Maynard is going to get frustrated on the feet and take this to the mat. Once it gets there I see either Lauzon locking up a submission or Maynard grinding out another UD.

    I’m hoping for Lauzon to finish this fight in style, but Maynard has a heavy top game and he’s gotten a lot better at not making stupid mistakes with where he places his hands so unfortunately I think Maynard will pull this one out.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Maynard is a beast. I think trying to stand and trade will be a foolish decision. Luazon is good off his back, but I think Maynard is too strong and I see this one ending early possibly by vicious KO by Maynard.


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