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Alan Belcher out until November with back problem

One of the few fighters who made out better than before based on the recent saga surrounding UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones’ next title-defense is apparently Alan Belcher, the very man Jones’ next opponent – Vitor Belfort – was supposed to fight before being named as a last minute contender to the divisional crown. While Belfort’s removal from the bout may have seemed like a negative on the surface, as it turns out Belcher would have had to withdraw from the match-up anyways for health-related reasons.

“Everyone’s asking if I am mad at the UFC, Jones, (and) Belfort. (The) answer is no. This is a blessing in disguise. I have a spinal fracture,” posted Belcher in a message to fans on Twitter.

Fortunately, as bad as the injury sounds, it is apparently minor enough to only have him sidelined for a month. In fact, the Roufusport staple already has an opponent in mind for his return to the Octagon.

“With much respect I’d like Chris Weidman or another Top 5 on my return in November,” wrote Belcher.

The UFC currently has two cards scheduled for November with the most likely candidate being UFC 154 in Montreal. Belcher has won his last four fights with finishes in each, while Weidman remains unbeaten in his career and is considered to be one of the top middleweight contenders.


  • Yes Belcher vs Weidman at 154 please. Lets get us a number one contender.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah, Belcher-Weidman has fallen into Joe Silva’s lap, and it’s the perfect matchup to set up a #1 contender for Silva (sorry, Bisping). But obviously Belcher has gotta get (and stay) healthy; his list of recent injuries is starting to pile up.

  • MCM says:

    I wonder if anyone was taking bets on which fighter would get injured first between Belfort and Belcher?

  • trupert says:

    So basically we got:
    Weidman who last fought 7/12
    Boetsch who last fought 7/12
    Stann/Bisping who will fight 9/12
    Belcher ready in Nov 12

    Fortunately or unfortunately because of timing, it looks like:
    Weidman vs Boetsch
    Stann/Bisping winner vs Belcher
    Even though it is Boetsch, we can only hope that one more win will finally give Weidman the reputation that makes him ‘worthy’ in Spider Silva’s eyes. :o)
    Then have that other fight cued up as #1 contender.

    and some wildcards that IMO should be:
    Munoz vs Lombard
    Shields vs Okami (with winner fighting Le/Franklin winner….unless it’s Franklin/Okami again)

    and what happened to Ronny Markes? He should fight Andrew Craig or Phillipou.
    And 2 of these 3 should fight each other in Nov or Dec: Leben, Palhares, Ed Herman

    And I just heard Wandy Silva is fighting Patrick Cote in China.

  • MCM says:

    I’ve been wondering about Markes too. Love the Phillipou/Markes fight, but I doubt it would put either into the top 10. Both of those guys should be built up first as they both have the goods to make a mark in the division (better than Munoz IMO).
    I’d actually like to see Markes/Shields and Phillipou/Munoz or Vitor after he loses to Jones.

    Boetsch is the only one with a legit claim to the title as he’s gone through two top 10ers, so I like him and Weidman for the #1 spot.

    I’m actually hoping Franklin wins and Bisping loses as I’ve always wanted to see Ace/Bisping. But Bisping will probably get by Stann.
    Leben or Wandy vs Lombard is also high on my list.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Bisping will get by Stann if it’s not made a number one contenders match

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    I heard about Cote/Wand too but am waiting for a reputable source. I heard Silva wanted to fight Belcher at UFC 153 too.


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