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Lyoto Machida: “I must prepare myself in the manner I believe in.”

When news first surfaced about the cancellation of UFC 151, UFC President Dana White announced light heavyweight champion Jon Jones (16-1) and former title-holder Lyoto Machida (18-3) would fight  for a second time at UFC 152 in Toronto. However, last night it was learned that Machida had turned down the fight and Vitor Belfort (19-6) would be facing Jones on September 22 rather than “The Dragon”.

The Brazilian’s management released a statement earlier today explaining why Machida declined to take the fight, revealing the 34-year did indeed want more time to prepare as had been speculated and would have been willing to face Jones two weeks later in Brazil.

“Lyoto is eager to get back to training, and have another shot at the light heavyweight belt. However, with the proposed fight being only four weeks away, Lyoto manifests that the deadline is unfeasible in order to have a training camp that is complete and worthy of his work ethic,” stated the press release. “Lyoto believes that the bout could take place at UFC 153, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro on October 13, allowing him six weeks to prepare.”

Machida also addressed the matter directly, writing, “I want to serve the UFC and recapture the belt. I always respect my opponent. For those reasons, I must prepare myself in the manner I believe in.”

The UFC has not yet commented on Machida turning the bout down and it is unclear if the decision will affect the #1 contender status he earned by knocking out Ryan Bader at UFC on FOX 4.


  • Lord Faust says:


  • AlphaOmega says:

    I don’t think it’ll affect his getting a title shot. I’ve said it before, I can understand Machida turning down the fight more since he took the last fight against Jones on short notice and look how that ended for him.

    Wouldn’t it be something though if it ended up being Machida vs Belfort for the title? NOBODY would see that coming.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Well, Belfort is apparently Dana’s go-to guy when black dudes get out of line.


  • MCM says:

    That made me laugh Faust.

    I absolutely agree with Machida. I think he’d be foolish to take the fight with Jones on short notice, considering what he has to do to train for him. (there’s a good article on it over at Bloodyelbow.) And using that same logic, I have to commend Jones for being willing to take on Machida with just a few weeks notice.

  • THEGUNNER says: ive ever read faust. Michidas style demands practice sonnen can practice his style at the bar.sonnen took the fight because his street fight style is not hard to produce aka worst spinning backfist known to man.

  • BiG BaD BuLL says:

    “Street fight style”, Gunner? I will concede (as would Chael himself, I’d imagine) that the back fist was a horrible idea…but to label an olympic caliber wrestler, that was able to strike with the champ, and pushes the pace with the fury of a chainsaw, as a bar room brawler with no technique….Bit harsh, yeah? I know that Sonnen is a “love’em or hate’em” guy, but he can fight.

    Faust- I dig your stuff. I checked out your other site. Is there a way that we could talk for a bit?


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