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Proud Ronda Rousey reflects on performance against Sarah Kaufman

Strikeforce bantamweight Ronda Rousey’s successful title-defense over Sarah Kaufman on Saturday night marked the second longest fight of the 25-year old champion’s career. Of course, it also only lasted 54 seconds.

Though the overall action was abbreviated, Rousey still took a number of positives away from her performance other than simply it involving another first-frame stoppage. According to Rousey, she felt more composed and complete in the cage than she ever had before – a scary prospect for peers considering the ease in which she disposed of a game adversary like Kaufman.

“It’s really cool how I had to change my habits from judo. In judo I have a tendency to rush because I only had a few seconds to get an Armbar, and this time I got it and I was like, ‘Take your time, take your time,’ cause I thought if I went for it too early I might lose my position,” said Rousey in a post-fight interview with Showtime. “I feel like I’m developing more as a Mixed Martial Artist in that I was able to take my time and change my position around until I was happy with where I was at before I went for it. So I feel mature now since I went in more relaxed and not just trying to go, go, go like my earlier fights.”

Rousey also touched on her in-ring comments about former featherweight champion Cristiane Santos, still pointing to “Cyborg” as her likely next opponent.

“I’m expecting anything at any moment. I’m expecting to fight her in January or in five minutes when I leave the building,” stated Rousey, referring to recent comments from Santos about a willingness to meet her in a parking lot if need be for a bout to come to fruition. However, Rousey didn’t waver on her stance about Santos needing to slim down to 135 pounds for an official fight, leaving the match-up in semi-state of limbo.

Check out the full interview with Rousey below:


  • raker says:

    Ronda Rousey is undoubtedly a terrific fighter. However, her success and relative ease in beating opponents does highlight a lack of talent in women’s MMA. It seems to me that the ground game of most women fighters is very weak which makes me consider that perhaps Rousey is the Royce Gracie of women’s MMA. Almost 20 years ago Royce was beating all comers because they were focused on a discipline that was typically strike based. As with Royce, once the competition develops a better ground game Rousey will be really challenged.

  • Dufresne says:

    What’s terrifying is that she was taking her time and not rushing and she still locked up an armbar in 54 seconds.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    she is extremely talented and extremely cute but she also comes across as a bit of a dick. but she’s young, maybe she’ll grow up a bit. just comes across as the sort of girl i’d have to walk away from cos she was annoying the fuck out of me.
    Also Mauro needs to look up Giva Santana if he’s never heard of anyone getting a succession of arm bars before

  • MickeyC says:

    Ronda is a bit Gangsta. What U didn’t know. Rubs off on you when you train in Stockton SON!

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I don’t see a problem with the cocky attitude. Someone once said “it ain’t bragging’ if you can back it up” I believe she has backed up what she has said so far. There may be an evolution of women with good ground games that may pose more of a challenge in the future , but for now she is top dog.

    I really, really, really hope she holds firm on her insistence to only fight Cyborg at 135. She is the champ, she has passed all her drug screens, and she doesn’t look like an escaped baboon. The same cannot be said of Cyborg.

    I think Rousey beats Cyborg too. I think in a fair fight Rousey is more talented and will prevail.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I think Rousey will hold to that. Cyborg said on twitter after Ronda called her out that she can’t wait for her liberation from UFC, seeing as twitter is 140 characters and she types in Portuguese, its kinda hard to tell what she meant, a lot of people seem to think she mean’s shes trying to get out of her contract. I have a feeling we’ll see an increase in ground game in WMMA being trained now

  • MCM says:

    I don’t think the ground game is the problem. I think it’s that most fighters don’t know what to do against great Judo. I feel that Judo is a misunderstood art by most MMA fans. Yes it has great throws, but it also has amazing ground work that is completely different than BJJ. My Judo club used to roll against BJJ gyms all the time and the BJJ’ers would get lost on the ground when fighting Judo guys. I’m not saying Judo is better just different. If you don’t train for it you’re gonna get lost.
    I also feel that most people believe the Gi is essential for Judo to work, and although that’s true to some extant, the sport also teaches numerous throws, counters, submissions and takedownsthat are NOT reliant on gripping the Gi. Judo, like Karate, is often over looked due to a perception that it is not useful in a “real” fight.
    Rousey is not the first Judoka to enter MMA. Nor is she the first high level, Olympic Judoka to enter MMA. But she may be the first to effectively employ the art of Judo in MMA. BJJ was once thought to be unstoppable, then Wrestling found a way to shut it down. Now Wrestling is thought to be the best base for MMA, but watch the first TD in the Rousey/Tate fight and see how Wrestling can be properly countered by good Judo.
    I know some clubs already teach No Gi Judu, but with the success of Rousey and several others (Boetsch), I hope we see more incorporation of Judo into the arsenal of today’s modern MMA fighter.


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