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Donald Cerrone: “It’s hard to knock someone out that you trained with…”

UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone may have exited UFC 150 with $120,000 in bonus money and a highlight-reel win but Saturday night was far from a purely joyous occasion for the polished pugilist. Opponent Melvin Guillard, who he put away in the opening round of action, is a longtime friend of Cerrone’s based on their time together as part of Greg Jackson’s camp in New Mexico. However, based on the business they’re in, Cerrone had to put his personal feelings aside and treat Guillard as he would any opponent even though it meant leaving a friend face-down on the canvas.

“It’s hard to knock someone out that you trained with, (shed) sweat, blood, and tears (with)…it was hard to do. Melvin’s a great guy and he’s still my friend and I love him,” admitted Cerrone in a backstage interview with the UFC.

Still, just because he struggled with the notion of stopping Guillard doesn’t mean he left the conflict of interest define his evening. According to the native Coloradan, the clash in general was nothing short of a dream come true.

“This is what I’ve been dreaming of my whole life,” glowed Cerrone. “Fighting in the UFC, yeah, but fighting at home in Denver…just walking out and feeling that energy. It was so cool.”

Cerrone improved his record to 19-4 with the victory and is expected to face Anthony Pettis later this year with a title-shot on the line.

Check out the complete segment with Cerrone below:



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