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Jamie Varner feels he could have beaten Joe Lauzon but didn’t want to bore fans

Since returning to the UFC earlier this year, former WEC champion Jamie Varner has looked impressive in outings against Edson Barboza and Joe Lauzon. The hard-hitting lightweight pulled off a major upset in knocking Barboza out, who at the time was as hot a prospect in the division as there was, but failed to follow up the performance with another victory last weekend when he was tapped by Lauzon’s Triangle Choke.

Though the loss may have set Varner back in a stacked weight-class, when asked about it the 27-year old had little regret about his overall effort in the UFC on FOX 4 bout based on his desire to entertain fans even if it occasionally costs him a “W”.

“With my fighting style, I fight with reckless abandon. I think that’s why I got Fight of the Night. I think that’s why people enjoy watching me fight. It’s because I don’t stop,” stated Varner on this week’s episode of Inside MMA. “You live by the sword, you die by the sword, unfortunately. Because I fight so hard and I scramble a lot I put myself in bad positions and I do get caught. And it sucks, but like I said, I’d rather fight hard and have people enjoy watching me fight than just always go out there and fight not to lose.”

In fact, Varner made it clear he’s confident he would have beaten Lauzon easily if he’d taken a safe approach to the scrap.

“I could’ve beat Joe Lauzon with a jab. I could’ve ran, thrown the jab, thrown kicks, kept him away, and won a boring fight; won a boring decision. I could’ve done that in the third round too. But no, I wanted to put pressure on him. I wanted to be exciting. I wanted to go for the finish,” he explained. “I’m always looking for the finish. And unfortunately I got caught.”

Varner had a three-fight winning streak snapped with the loss to Lauzon. He holds an overall record of 20-7-1 with eighteen stoppages to his credit, a finishing percentage certainly backing up the aforementioned statements.

Check out the complete clip with Varner below:


  • Angry Mike says:

    Varner took the fight on short notice and fought like a warrior. This statement–I could’ve won even though I didn’t–detracts from his performance. Bad move, amigo.

  • Rece Rock says:

    ^ Agreed… He did a great job on short notice, just leave it at that Varner.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    yep, what you two said


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