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Melvin Guillard hoping to knock out his “buddy” Donald Cerrone

There’s no question professional fighters are a different kind of breed. One of the many reasons why involves their ability to willfully injure the other, then shake hands and call it a day. Such a scenario seems set to unfold this weekend at UFC 150 when former training partners Melvin Guillard and Donald Cerrone clash in the event’s co-headliner. Neither has anything personal against the other and both are friendly, yet come showtime each will no doubt be out to win as impressively as possible.

“I hope I knock him out. I mean, he’s my buddy…I’ll pick him up and dust him off,” said Guillard in an interview with the UFC promoting Saturday night’s bout, adding, “My goal is to win but win impressively.”

When it comes to how their meeting will unfold Guillard is hoping Cerrone is on board with a battle aimed at pleasing the public rather than playing it safe en route to a decision.

“I really don’t even want it to be a technical fight. I want to turn it into an all-out brawl. I know that’s probably what the fans want to see and we can make it into a Fight of the Night,” suggested the 29-year old striker.

Check out the complete interview with Guillard below:


  • JBAR says:

    Melvin vs Jamie Varner would be a fight that I would like to see.

  • I think this is Cerrone’s fight to lose. Melvin is faster….that’s the last of his advantages in this fight. Cerrone is more technical, slicker on the ground, has better combination striking, and has proven than deep waters and wars dont bother him.
    Melvin taps the moment someone gets his kneck, and cowboy is a master of using super slick Muay thai to set up his super slick subs.
    Good luck Guillard, you’ll need it.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Melvin is fast, but his speed drops off after the first round. Can’t tell whether it’s cardio problems, or whether he’s so jacked up at the start that his pace is unsustainable. A more measured pace benefits Cerrone, IMO. I’d give him the edge, but Melvin can win with one punch or one flurry of punches.

  • Rich S. says:

    It’s odd, because I think this is a great matchup and has the potential to be a great fight, yet I don’t think Melvin has much of a chance at all.

    His Achilles heel is his submission defense, and Cowboy has some of the best Jiu Jitsu at 155. On the feet, I don’t think he’s ever been hit with the kind of body and leg kicks Cerrone is going to throw at him, or the knees from the clinch.

    Melvin is usually the aggressor (though, he’s become more of a counter fighter recently) but Cerrone does an impeccable job of moving forward and controlling the pace of the fight. Also, Cerrone is great at using his striking to set up takedowns and throws.

    Obviously, Melvin’s greatest strength is his striking, more specifically, his knockout power. But, Cerrone has a granite chin.

    I’m not going to count Guillard out, but I don’t like his chances.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’m really looking forward to this fight. I think it will be entertaining at worst, with potential to be FOTN.

    First I’ll say I’m picking Melvin to win.

    As is usually the case Melvin is the more explosive fighter. If he avoids getting choked out (no sure thing there) he wins…probably by stoppage considering it’s a 5 rounder. But Cowboy is more skilled than other fighters who’ve managed to grab ahold of Melvin’s neck so it’s a tough fight to call.

    And If Cowboy pulls it out it would represent the best win on his resume to date, yes?

  • MCM says:

    Boner – “And If Cowboy pulls it out it would represent the best win on his resume to date, yes?”

    No. Dennis Siver was a better win. Siver was in title contention and had only lost once in three years when Cerrone beat him. I’d also put Varner on the same level as Melvin when Cerrone beat him.

  • To me it depends on HOW he does it. If he walks in there and cracks Melvin with a quick KO(especially if its a one strike KO). Not too long ago Melvin and Siver were either tied on a win streak or within a fight of each other against similar opponents(both beating up and comers Sotiropolous, and Dunham) but both fell back down the rankings rather quickly.
    Dropping or taking Melvin down and choking him out isnt all that far fetched honestly its expected, I wish theyd have Melvin fight Guida and Cerrone fight Gray, but eh. I’ll take this one.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Decent argument for Siver being his best win. But that was Siver’s last fight in the LW division, and has Siver ever beat a top-10 guy? Maybe Sotiropoulos had dipped his toe into the top-10 when Dennis beat him? Either way, While there’s a reasonable argument for Siver being a better win it’s not exactly a slam dunk…I’d say beating Guillard would be on par with it.

    As for Varner, Cowboy’s win came right in the middle of a 0-3-1 stretch for Varner. So again, maybe on par but my basic point is that if Guillard wouldn’t be the biggest notch on Cowboy’s belt, it’d be right up there. Which is part of why i think Donald gets a little more credit than he’s necessarily earned, and shouldnt be the favorite over Guillard as many seem to think. But we”ll get to soon find out.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Donald’s stock is very similar to where Melvin was a year ago. Cowboy has a chance to use Melvin as a stepping stone to get to where Melvin has failed…of if Donald loses he pretty much slips back down to where Melvin is at. On top of that…main event in his hometown. Big fight for both guys but seems an especially huge opportunity for Cowboy.

  • Rich S. says:

    I think the win over Oliveira is probably Cowboy’s most impressive victory to date.

    Oliveira is a great fighter – his wins are typically dominant ones – but Cerrone beat the hell out of him and called it a night in 3 minutes.

    Of course, Charles has since dropped to 145 (and has gotten back to his dominant ways), but he was definitely a force at lightweight, and his record going into the fight was 14-1-1, his only loss coming at the hands of Jim Miller, who was on a 5 win streak and a title run of his own.

    I favored Cowboy in that fight, but I didn’t think he’d win it quite the way he did. Impressed the hell out of me.

  • Creature says:

    I honestly believe Cowboy picks Melvin apart rather easily, rocks him and gets a sub finish in the 1st or 2nd round like most suspect will happen.

    If Melvin was intimidated by Jeremy Stephen’s stand up he is going to go through hell on the feet with Cerrone.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Re: Oliveria… I like that dude a lot, and he has the potential to be a great fighter. But at his young age (21 when Donald beat him) he wasn’t yet ready for 155. He only faced a couple upper level guys at LW (Miller & Cerrone) and they each finished him in the 1st round. Perhaps he’ll re-emerge at LW somewhere down the road but in the meantime 145 is where he belongs, and fortunately for him he’s made a seamless transition thus far.

    Re: Melvin being intimidated… that’s not how I see it. With all the attempts to adjust his fighting approach, spending time with multiple camps, I think along with some improvements it’s also caused him to get caught in between at times. Once in the cage he’ll miss opportunities when he should pounce while at other times get caught sticking his head/neck out when the opportunity isn’t there. If he could ever reconcile his tremendous physical tools with the more instinctual elements of MMA he’d be a world beater. That doesn’t seem likely to ever happen, but he’s still a threat to virtually anybody in the division.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    In any case, we can quibble over Siver, Varner, Oliveira being his best win. I don’t care that much to split hairs between them. My point is that beating Melvin would be pretty well on par with any of those guys… to demonstrate that this upcoming fight represents as tough an opponent as Donald has *beaten* in his career. That’s why I expect it to be a very competitive fight, and I’m going so far as to pick Melvin. We shall see. Knowing Melvin he’ll get choked out in the 1st round and make me look like a fool.

  • Creature says:

    I disagree, I think Melvin knows his own body’s limits particularly the durability of his chin. That along with knowing of Stephens power he was very worried about getting caught, was intimidated and took a safe approach.

    Cerrone’s kicking power > Stephen’s punching power. Cerrone is much more technical and faster than Stephens, and has some of the slickest BJJ in the division paired also with one hell of a chin. He is going to beat Melvin down then get the sub. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Rich S. says:

    Well, Richard, I’ll go ahead and agree that if he wins by (T)KO, it will be the most impressive win on his record. If it’s a submission, however, it will be just another Melvin Guillard loss…

    On the other hand, if Melvin manages to win, it will certainly be his most impressive win.

  • Rece Rock says:

    As in every fight we talk about with Melvin he has a punchers chance to pull it off in quick fashion in the first BUT Cerrone beats him on paper in every scenario I can imagine.


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