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Brandon Vera: “My book’s not closed. I’m still writing chapters.”

The physical toll of fighting is as obvious as blood on the canvas, yet rarely do fans see the emotional price the men and women of MMA pay after suffering defeat. Competitors are often idolized as being larger than life or even superheroes to a certain extent rather than simply regular people pursuing their passions.

However, a post-fight interview with Brandon Vera after his loss to Mauricio Rua at UFC on FOX 4 showed just how human even the toughest individuals actually are with the 34-year old’s emotions clearly evident while discussing the defeat.

“I really wanted to win that one. It was a good fight against ‘Shogun’. He’s one of my heroes, and I put it out there. I just got caught,” explained Vera, fighting off tears as valiantly as any adversary he’s faced in the Octagon. “It’s hard man, you know? Even though ‘Shogun” is an awesome fighter, it was still hard.”

While Vera may have been left heartbroken by his stumble on Saturday night, “The Truth” was able to take some solace from his performance against the legendary former UFC champion.

“I wanted to show the world, all show everybody else – the haters and doubters – I’m not done by a long shot. My book’s not closed. I’m still writing chapters,” offered up Vera on his effort in the hard-fought four-rounder.

Vera’s overall record now stands at 12-6 with only one win in his last four outings. Still, despite his recent struggles to find victory inside the Octagon, there’s clearly no mystery surrounding his love for the sport or desire to succeed.

The complete interview with Vera can be found below:


  • drstu says:

    Vera looked really good, but as long as he does that gay dance when he wins I will never cheer for him.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Props to Vera for hanging in there, he looked decent & deserves a few more fights in Zuffa win or loss

  • qat says:

    He looked good, until he wanted out. You just dont stand in front of your opponent and turn to your side without protecting your face.. Yes he readjusted his mouthpiece, but still i cant imagine any pro-fighter making that mistake without a little “lets make this stop” on their mind.
    Additionally i think he looked weak on the ground, pretty sure he didnt train that much in that area in preparation for Shogun though.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    but qat, Joe Rogan always tells us how good & underrated his ground game is, surely he wouldnt be talking utter shit? oh he also has awesome Greco too

    said many times i dont see the appeal in Vera, about as over hyped as you can get in my opinion (at least until he got his arse whooped a few times), that said he put on a damn good fight. i even put some $$ on him i was that confident. If anything his stock went up more than Shoguns did, and the dude earned my respect

  • joe mo mma says:

    I’m pretty sure this was a do or die fight for Vera. His show of heart in the ring probably earned him one more fight for the company. The guys got charisma, cant deny that, but he’s just not good enough to hang with the top guys.

  • Angry Mike says:

    That fight told us more about Rua than Vera. Rua walked him down and traded strikes until Vera was done. That’s the same game plan Rua used against Machida. I’m thoroughly impressed with Rua’s mental and physical toughness. I also wonder how long he can fight that way. All those strikes he’s taken will add up some day, just like they did for ‘Wand and Liddell.


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