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Jon Jones sentenced for DWI arrest

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones was back in a New York court room earlier today, facing down charges stemming from a May accident where “Bones” was crashed his car into a utility pole and was later found to have been driving while under the influence of alcohol. Two female passengers were riding with him and received minor injuries.

This time around the 25-year old was finally sentenced for the infraction, paying a $1,000 fine and having his driver’s license suspended for six months. He will also have to pay a little more than $6,500 to the utility company the pole belonged to, have ignition interlocks put on his vehicles, and face a “victim impact panel” in the next 90 days.

According to a report from Press Connects, Jones was said to have shown humility in front of the judge, vowing to make the community proud of him in the future. He also took to Twitter after the proceedings to write, “Blessed to still have the full support of (Broome) County/ all my fans and my DWI case officially behind me. Moving forward.”

Jones’ next fight will come in a cage rather than court, facing Dan Henderson on September 1 at UFC 151.


  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Silly but anyway heres what Jones should do…
    Fight 6 more times at LHW (2yrs) including A.Silva, Mousasi, Hendo, Gustafson and then go to HW.

  • Rece Rock says:

    “…$6,500 to the utility company the pole belonged to…”

    That’s an expensive pole, damn. Over all he still got away fairly cheap and with out to harsh of a sentence.


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