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B.J. Penn: “I’m trying to get up to AKA but Fitch is trying to give me some problems about that.”

When iconic former UFC champion B.J. Penn announced the end of his brief retirement he likely thought the only welterweight he’d be butting heads with in the coming months was UFC 152 opponent Rory MacDonald. However, it looks like “The Prodigy” has found himself in a fight with Jon Fitch as well with the clash coming as a result of Penn’s desire to spend some time training at American Kickboxing Academy.

“I’m trying to get up to AKA but Fitch is trying to give me some problems about that. All Jon Fitch has to do is look on the wall, at whose picture is on the wall holding the belt. That’s all Jon Fitch has to know,” said Penn in the first of a series of video blogs chronicling his preparation for the September scrap with MacDonald.

Though Penn spent time at AKA years ago, the gym has been Fitch’s home-base for the bulk of his career. The two have been rivals since they fought to a Draw in February 2011, spurring a handful of online incidents involving trash-talk. They were supposed to meet in a rematch last year but injuries prevented the pairing from ever coming together.

Penn’s vlog can be found below where he also talks about his decision to undergo VADA testing leading up to UFC 152:


  • AlphaOmega says:

    Sucks for Penn, having to deal with coming out of retirement to fight a very dangerous young opponent, and not being able to train at a camp you want to because someone else holds a grudge.

  • Big Stank says:

    I want BJ to win this one so bad, he’s one of my favorite fighters. That being said I don’t know how well he’s gunna do against this very well rounded youngster. He’s the new breed that isn’t great at anything, but very good at everything.

    I’m also wondering why BJ is tryin to get up to AKA, wrestling offense or defense? Is he trying to get this fight to the ground and Sub Rory, or keep it standing and try to out box this kid? Either way I can’t wait for this fight to happen.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Why doesn’t he just go train at Kos’ dethrone gym and just invite the guys he wants to train with out there…. Kos brings them in for his training

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Maybe he want’s to train with the coach Kos doesn’t like?

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    As some may recall, prior to the MacDonald match-up being announced, Koscheck tried to call out Penn and Penn laid the verbal smackdown on him. Pretty sure they don’t like each other.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    That too, I’d actually kinda forgotten that

  • jasonah says:

    What in the h3ll in Jhon fitch worried about? Like he even has a shot at the belt with all these sharks in the tank. What he won like 6 or 7 in a row and they did not give him a shot. He would Be better off accepting B.J. @ AKA . Because B.J has been around a Long time, And Fitch could most likley Learn a few things in the process. sounds like Fitch still considers him self a contender,I see like 4 or 5 guy’s @ 170 that give him alot of trouble! Oh I mean 5 or 6 :)


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