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Frankie Edgar: “Ben Henderson will not defend the belt because the belt belongs to me.”

In a little more than two weeks UFC lightweight Frankie Edgar will find himself in a familiar situation, facing an opponent he’s fresh off an outing against. His headlining bout against Benson Henderson at UFC 150 marks the third straight instance of Edgar’s involvement in an immediate rematch of a title-fight with the first two involving B.J. Penn and Gray Maynard.

However, this time around Edgar is serving as challenger rather than champion due to Henderson’s solid showing against him in February at UFC 144 where he emerged with the divisional strap due to a Unanimous Decision.

Edgar recently opened up on the tilt in an extended preview for the August 11 show where he explained he’s approaching things as he would any other fight regardless of how much is on the line.

“A fight’s a fight. Whether there’s a belt involved or not, you still have to prepare; you still have to prepare for your opponent and you still have to get in there and apply everything you’ve trained,” said Edgar in the clip.

“The fight was close, it was controversial, and now it’s my turn to get a rematch,” he continued, adding his expectations of an outcome different from those in his previous pairings with Penn/Maynard where he retained his title. “Ben Henderson will not defend the belt because the belt belongs to me.”

Edgar’s loss to Henderson snapped a seven-fight unbeaten streak for “The Answer”, while “Smooth” has lived up to his nickname as of late with a slew of slick showings since coming over from WEC including victories against Jim Miller and Clay Guida.

Check out the complete UFC 152 preview piece below:


  • AlphaOmega says:

    I’ve mentioned this multiple times, but what happens if Frankie wins? Does Henderson get an instant rematch like Frankie got? It’s only fair really.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    It all depends on how Frankie wins, the last fight was really close and you could argue the decision to go to either fighter. If Frankie dominates for 5 rounds or finishes Bendo then there is no reason for an instant rematch.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Bendo for the win

  • qat says:

    Since it will be a great fight anyway, the only thing i hope for in this fight is that the rematch-cycle will be broken. LW kinda lost some steam for me since all that rematch-stuff is going on, even though i basically agree with that matchmaking.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I think Frankie wins this time around, and like we’ve speculated for a while now, it would certainly seem Bendo would “deserve” a rematch of his own considering the way things have gone down in the LW division the past few years.

    Unless, like Jab mentions above, Frankie comes out and really dominates, thus quieting the calls for an immediate rematch. I could see him winning a convincing decision, but probably not finishing Bendo. Then again, I would never have guessed Frankie would be able to KO the larger, stronger & always tough Gray Maynard, so who knows.

    While I would prefer not to see any more immediate rematches, the only silver lining for me would be that it would force Nate Diaz to fight either Gray Maynard or Anthony Pettis in a #1 contender matchup, which is what should have happened all along anyway.


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