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Chael Sonnen: “I’m in this purely for the championship.”

With a second consecutive loss to UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva it seems Chael Sonnen will have to wait for some time before earning a third shot at the divisional belt while fresh contenders emerge. However, at age 35, time isn’t necessarily on Sonnen’s side where peak performance is concerned.

As such, Sonnen has been forced to look at a handful of scenarios including the possibility of putting together “big money” match-ups regardless of ranking, changing divisions, or getting back in line at 185 pounds and working his way back to the top.

Sonnen was asked about it on a recent episode of MMA Uncensored where he made it clear his sights were only set on gold.

“I’m in this purely for the championship,” said Sonnen, shrugging off the notion of fighting someone for little more than the payday.

“And if I don’t have a clear road to the title then I’m gonna move on,” Sonnen added in reference the possibility of competing as a light heavyweight.

The silver-tongued scrapper has fought at 205 pounds before in the past and is already embroiled in a verbal feud with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Check out the complete interview with Sonnen below where he also discusses what he would have done different against Silva at UFC 148:

  • darth_irritable says:

    Sonnen’s very good at what he does in terms of promoting, but silver tongued? Trash-tonsilled might be a bit more accurate.

    Give him Bisping if the count gets through Stann, and then Vitor. If he gets through them, give him another shot. Once Silva’s coming to the ring in a walker, Sonnen might have a chance.

    I’d also love to see him against Wanderlei – relevance be damned!

  • Nah, let Chael go to 205. While he might give up alot of size and strength he’s lightning quick at 185 and would probably be even quicker at 205. Ryan Bader, a rematch with Forrest, Lil Nog, Alexander Gustoffson and Phil Davis all come to mind as interesting fights at 205.

    Oddly enough now that Chael has stopped harping on The Spider, his commentary and analysis of fights has been spectacular and witty. The guy certainly has a job in the announce booth when he hangs up the gloves.

  • Big Stank says:

    Let Chael do whatever he wants, his own hype machine is funny to watch to an extent.

    Since I can’t comment on the Bisping feed for some reason, I’ll say it here. Stann will KO this fool and finally I won’t have to hear about him having Silva figured out. STFU

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Watching the video clip, when Chael says he’ll “move on” if there’s not a clear road to the title, that sounds more like retirement to me than hopping between weight classes. Tough to tell for sure.

    Then when talking about the prospect of fighting at 205, the names Gustaffson, Machida & Davis are brought up and Chael says ‘none of the above’ while mentioning that instead there are a couple other names that have been thrown his way. Who might that be?

    Jones & Hendo are obviously set to fight in September, so it would seem to rule them out. (Plus Chael would need to work his way up at LHW before getting the top dogs.)

    Shogun is set to fight Vera.

    If Gustafsson, Machida and Davis are out of the picture, that really only leaves Rashad as far as the upper class of the division.

    Not sure who the other name might be that would be considered on Chael’s path to a title. Maybe Shogun on the condition he beats Vera.

    His championship window at MW has closed, so if his words are genuine he’s gotta move to LHW or move behind the mic full time. I still think he’s leaning towards the latter.

  • Creature says:

    Agreed Stank, ive aalready said i think Stann/Bisping is going to end up a lot like Hendo/Bisping.. Though i doubt the KO will be as brutal/perfect, but then again its almost impossible to top something like that :)

  • Big Stank says:

    I got to relive that great moment over and over again during the the previews of Hendo vs Shogun. That perfect “Ding” as he turns off Bispings lights off. Ahh memories

  • Screenplaya says:

    I think they are talking Rashad if Sonnen moves up. Hopefully, if it happens, Rashad wins a competitive fight and it convinces Suga to move down to 185 where he belongs.

    I doubt Stann will beat Bisping, and The Count will then get the next shot at Anderson. Should Bisping win, then we have a spectacular rematch with Chael fighting Bisping for the belt. But….Bisping has to beat Stann and The Spider, so let’s not buy our tickets just yet. lol

  • Spoken says:

    I would be fine with him fighting Lil Nog to start. If he wins, give him the winner of Machida v Bader. If he loses, give him the winner of Pokrajac v Magalhaes. Then we’ll know for sure if he can compete at 205 or if he should just hang it up and get paid to talk for a living.


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