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Alan Belcher willing to fight Vitor Belfort in Brazil

Over the past few weeks, UFC middleweight Alan Belcher has been forced to watch a number of his highly-touted divisional peers be paired with comparable opponents or linked to similarly booked bouts while he himself is still waiting for a call from the company’s matchmaking team. Belcher, who is currently riding a four-fight winning streak including a quartet of finishing performances, even thought fortune had favored a meeting with Michael Bisping after his 185-pound peer mentioned him on a recent episode of UFC Tonight.

However, Belcher is still without an opponent and hungry to fight in hopes of proving he is the top contender to champion Anderson Silva’s title. As such, he apparently has two other potential foes in mind he’d be more than happy to face in the form of Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort.

“We’re looking at it like Chris Weidman is coming off a great fight, Alan Belcher is a great fighter, so why not throw them somewhere like this Oct. 5 card, let them go five rounds and the winner gets a title shot,” said manager Malki Kawa in an interview with MMAWeekly. “You’ve also got Vitor sitting out there looking for somebody to come to Brazil to fight him, and we’re open to that as well.”

“It’s one of those situations where we want to fight, we’re looking for a fight, so we need one of these guys to pick up a phone and say ‘I’ll fight Alan Belcher,’ but these guys continue to avoid him and I don’t blame them,” he concluded, voicing his fighter’s frustration over the fog surrounding his future.

Belcher holds an overall record of 18-6 with sixteen stoppages including his May TKO of Rousimar Palhares. He has also notched previous instances of success against the likes of Patrick Cote, Jason MacDonald, and Ed Herman.


  • Rece Rock says:

    Belcher isn’t as marketable as his peers I feel… He’s on the back of the line as far as I see it.

  • Lord Faust says:

    If he beats Vitor half as impressively as he beat Paul Harris, I can see him right up near the top. A lot hinges on how good Lombard looks tonight.

  • Big Stank says:

    Belcher is the man but he should shoot the guy who gave him his Cash tattoo. Nothing to say about the fight tho lol. Just sayin

  • Lord Faust says:

    I call it the “fat dead Elvis” tattoo.

  • Rece Rock says:

    i always think the tat looks like the fat gay interior designer from beetle juice….google it. lol.

  • Rece Rock says:

    i got his name…glenn shadix

  • Big Stank says:

    That’s the best description ever!

  • Belcher isnt as marketable? You mean the guy who had one of the fights of the year in 09 against Akiyama, destroyed Gouvea, slammed Cote on his face, pounded Jason Macdonald into mush and outgrappled Palhares isnt marketable? PLEASE! Belcher should be ahead of the pack, as far as Im concerned. His win streak is more impressive than Weidman, he isnt coming off a loss like Bisping and other than the Akiyama fight he hasnt lost in years(and that one was controversial, I agree with the decision but still it was super close). He throws flashy superman punches off the cage, talks some good trash and is a HUGE MW who has showed he has the chops to hang with anyone anywhere the fight goes. This is the man who should challenge Silva or at the very worst Weidman for the rights to a title shot. Id love to see him smash on Vitor.

  • Creature says:

    I seriously hope Alan gets Weidman next, ive been saying it for so long that i believe Alan is one of the most underrated guys in the UFC. He always comes to fight, always showing serious improvement between fights, and is very hard not to like as long as you dont look at the horrendous tat on his arm lol. He is a walking highlight reel, and SHOULD be on a 7 fight win streak since i thought he beat Sexyama.

  • MCM says:

    Slightly off topic Question. I didn’t watch the fights last night, but now that Tim Boestch is on a 4 fight win streak with two top wins over top 10 guys, doesn’t that launch him right to the top of the ladder? I think Weidman is gonna fight for the gold this year, but I’d still rather see him take on someone else before he gets the Spider.
    I like the Weidman/Belcher fight better than a Vitor fight as I think Vitor is father down the line than Belcher at this point.

  • stone says:

    Franklin vs Cung Le
    Stann vs Bisping
    Weidman vs Belcher
    Vitor vs Boesch

    Start the bracket tourney, find the next contender & give Anderson Silva about a year off…. I’m sure he’ll gladly take it

  • MCM says:

    looks good to me. But where’s Chael?

    random thought. If A. Silva retires in a year or so, is it possible that we could have a Franklin/Chael “Best of the Rest” title fight?

  • stone says:

    I think Chael is done, honestly…. I can see him broadcasting on the Fox channels as a full time job. Sure he could easily compete for a contender spot, but does he really want to?…. Let’s face it, commentating UFC fights is dream job.

  • Rece Rock says:

    SuperDave- My point was his marketability to the masses… Fans like ourselves of coarse… but overall do you really think Silva/Belcher is a big money fight? Do you see casual fans clammoring to buy a $50 PPV with that main event?

    As your aware Zuffa match making is based on many factors aside from skill set and ranking & that’s all my comment meant.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Unrelated question: Why are comments closed for the bisping article?

  • stone says:

    @ the unrelated question….let’s just comment here

  • stone says:

    Bisping better hope beating Stann is gonna give home the title shot, because honestly I don’t think he can beat a hardcore wrestler like Weidman, Munoz, Chael, Belcher or even Okami
    Sure looked good against Chael last outing, but I’m sure the others have better striking & Chael would probablyset up his TDs better a 2nd time around
    If somehow, someway Bisping did beat Silva, I’m sure he’d get his belt taken the next fight

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I don’t get why Bisping thinks hes one step away from a title shot, I’m a big fan of you have to win at least two fights to get into title contention, and then a number 1 contender fight.

  • stone says:

    He really believes he beat Chael…..probably more than Chael believes he beat Silva in their 1st fight

  • fanoftna33 says:

    If Bisping does get by Stann and does it impressively, NOT a 3 round outpointing affair like he did against Leben, then yes give him a title shot, if he cant finish Stann and gets a decision I like Bisping having a match up against Bostch or Wiedman for the title shot, nothing against Belcher though as he should be right up there also.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Also, since we can’t comment there either, I like that baro is open to fighting again before Cruz is healthy, that’s the idea of the interim belt, to defend it while the real one’s on the shelf.

  • MCM says:

    AlphaOmega says:
    I don’t get why Bisping thinks hes one step away from a title shot, I’m a big fan of you have to win at least two fights to get into title contention, and then a number 1 contender fight.

    I’d like to say that’s true, but it unfortunately is not. The UFC gives title shots away to whomever they think will make the most money for them. And a fight between the most dominant champ in the UFC vs the most hatted fighter in the UFC is a pretty good sell.
    I personally think Bisping (and Weidman for that matter) should have to beat at least 2 top 10ers in a row to earn a shot at Silva. Even Chael had to fight twice coming off a loss to get a title shot.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Lombard really shit the bed Saturday night. He could have snuck out of there with a close decision win, but either way it was an utterly disappointing performance that also leaves no compelling matchup for Silva’s next title defense. The closest thing is a guy with fewer than 10 career fights. Bleh.

    Anderson is 37 years old, with about 7 minutes of octagon time in the last 11 months. I really hope he’s able to stay active; time off is the last thing he needs at this stage of his career.

    But at the same time, his dominance has reached a point where it seems that fresh challenges are needed to really bring out the best in Silva. I don’t want to see anything close to a repeat of the Leites and Maia fights where Silva dicks around in the cage, basically feeling like he’s in there with an unworthy opponent.

    I still wish Dana & Co. would make a hard push for a Silva/Bones matchup. If I’m Dana I’d plant the seed in Silva’s mind now, and then if/when Bones gets by Hendo start pitching it to him as well. It might not be super appealing to either guy, but I think both could be sold on the idea…

    Anderson: Do you really want to keep fighting guys who are clearly not on your level at MW? Is that the way you want to finish your career?

    Bones: Would you pass up the opportunity to fight the greatest fighter of all time, with him moving up to your weight class, for a chance to elevate your career to a truly unprecedented level? Besides, there’s no new challenges in the immediate future at 205 after Hendo.

    And then of course dangle a butt-ton of $$ in front of them.

    Yeah, I know, it’s very unlikely to happen. But I’ll be golldanged if that’s not drastically more interesting than these other potential MW guys who, while very good fighters, just don’t bring anything to the table that would pose a real threat to Silva, IMO. The odds will be completely lopsided in Silva’s favor with any of those matchups.

    And I’ll continue to beat this point home… Silva is 37 friggin years old and will inevitably see his overall skills start to diminish sooner than later. Time is of the essence; put together the most spectacular matchups possible even if it goes against conventional thinking.

    But since it won’t happen, I guess I’m still leaning towards Weidman as the next best matchup. Hopefully Weidman continues to confidently put his name out there, start calling out Anderson even more, and maybe that’ll provide some motivation for Silva to shut this new guy up. Then by that time hopefully Belcher’s stock has continue to rise. He’s the only other MW I’m be genuinely intrigued to see fight Silva…

    Bisping, Stann, Boetsch – No thanks. Each would be a severe underdog. What, Bisping is gonna strike with Silva for 5 rounds. Heh, OK. Stann is easy to root for but c’mon. Boetsch’s barbarian appetite would be fed knees, kicks & punches from Silva till he crumpled. I’m just not interested in seeing more obvious mismatches at this stage of Silva’s career.

    Vitor, Chael, Franklin – Don’t need to see Anderson beat any of them again.

    Dana: Please at least explore the Silva/Jones matchup and do everything you can to say you at least tried…

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Dana has been exploring Silva/Jones, he’s pushed for it hard, and both Jones and Silva have said no way it’ll never happen. How much more can he push? Look at kos/fitch/swick, he’s pushed for them to fight forever and they will never do it. Short of firing them, he can’t really force people to fight

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Sure, Dana has probably entertained the idea. But we have no idea how hard he’s pushed for it. Or how persistent he’s been. Or, ultiamtely, how much money is going to be on the table.

    Up till now it’s been an interesting idea, but not really a pressing issue. Anderson has been caught up in the Chael storm the past two years, while Bones has had plenty of interesting matchups to keep him busy at LHW.

    But we’ve come to a point where there’s no immediate matchup of any real intrigue for Silva’s next defense, and if/when Bones gets by Hendo in September he’ll be in pretty much the same boat. So whatever happened up till now is somewhat irrelevant, as it’s a very fluid situation with frequently changing circumstances.

    We can only speculate but I really think Anderson would be open to the idea. He long talked about fighting Roy Jones Jr, he was reportedly interested in fighting Chuck Liddell back in Chuck’s heyday, and so I think he could be persuaded to take on Jones. I believe he has supreme confidence in his skills as a fighter and is genuinely interested in challenging himself, enough to outweigh any trepidation about fighting Jon Jones.

    For Bones, maybe it would be a harder sell… who knows. I’m just saying if things play out like I described above, it’ll be time for Dana & Co. to make their strongest push yet at a time when the surrounding circumstances make the most sense.


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